Wed. July 11, 2016: The Difference With Feeling Valued

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and hot

Wrote in the morning yesterday, and then realized that I had to throw it all out. It took me on a tangent in the book that is unsustainable.

Back-and-forth discussions with the agent on book title, series title, etc.

Got on the Plymouth-Brockton bus in the afternoon to head to Boston. The psychological distance is more than the physical distance, and the physical distance wouldn’t be so bad if the traffic wasn’t so awful. But the bus was good.

I wrote about 1K on the way in to Boston. Found my way to the venue, was there way too early, so hung out in the Boston Garden. Too many mosquitoes, so I found a Starbucks and wrote some more.

The ArtWeek Boston event at Liquid Art was spectacular. I met great people, and there is potential for lots of good projects, especially with one of the theatre companies. The drinks were expensive, and the only food they put out was a single dish of blue cheese cubes, cheddar cheese cubes, some sort of chutney, and a little cut up bread (for the entire group). That was disappointing – and by that, I mean I’m disappointed in the venue, not the organizers. If I’d been enticed by appetizers, I would have changed my schedule and stayed for dinner. And made plans to return. Being stingy at such an event gives me pause.

But I had a blast, other than that. Treated myself to a cab back to the station, made the bus back with one minute to spare. I was starving by the time I got back on Cape, and had a burger at 9 PM, which was not my best option. Paid for that one all night.

But it was the first time, probably since I moved to this area, where I felt as though my work was valued. I realized how much I missed it.

I was offered a theatre job for the next six weeks – part-time at first, full time for the last three. I accepted. It gives me some breathing room, and theatre is a familiar – and safe – environment for me. I start on Friday.

That means I have to finish the radio plays before Friday.

Had to go to the “Career Center” today – and have to go again, tomorrow. There was a problem with the claim, I had to redo paperwork, suddenly they’re telling me what sites I can and can’t search for jobs on? I don’t think so. Their so-called “Job Site” doesn’t carry what I do.

I don’t feel well, I’m frustrated, out of sorts, and have way too much to do. But, that’s the way it goes. I still have a lot for which to be grateful, and I have every intention of finding a great opportunity to slide into after this short-term theatre gig winds up in early September.

And not drop the ball on any of the books, either.



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