Fri. July 8, 2016: Opening Vistas

Friday, July 8, 2016
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Rainy and cooler

Busy few days. Almost all my focus has been on the book, but the revision is ready to send to my agent this morning. It feels good to get it out, along with the new series title and book title. Once that’s all cleared, I’ll let you know what all of those are! 😉

Having terrible computer issues — of course I am, when I’m unemployed and in no position to purchase a new one! But, seriously, this little Macbook has been a dream, running well since 2009. It has earned its keep.

Spent some time at the Career Center this week, sending out resumes. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon on a short-term gig that might be fun, if the money’s right.

I was going to give up my slot at the ArtWeek Boston party at Liquid Art on Tuesday, since I’m no longer a presenting organization, but they encouraged me to come as an individual artist, and they want to pair me up with a presenter. So I’ll be thinking of several possible pitches over the weekend.

My former boss had not signed my severance check, which caused a lot of stress over this past week, but we connected yesterday, it’s signed and deposited, and has even cleared. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

I have to admit that I’m disappointed and a little hurt that I haven’t heard from any of my former co-workers. Someone suggested that they were afraid for their own jobs. Well, I have no time for cowards, even less time now than I did when I was younger. At least one of them was taken in by us when she was removed from her position at a different institution — now she’s a party to doing the same to someone who was kind to her. Points out that these were merely individuals with whom I shared space for several hours a day. I made an investment, both personally and professionally. They did not. But now I’m done. I owe them nothing.

A reaffirmation that this change is for the best.

A sense of freedom.

I also realized, when I spotted a particularly unpleasant individual with whom I had to deal with at that place (I spotted this person at a local store), that, hey, I’m no longer being paid to be polite to you. I no longer HAVE to be polite to you. Not that I would approach simply to be cruel, but if this person approaches me with the usual crap, I no longer have to be diplomatic.

I’ve been in touch with a group of college friends, with whom I did a lot of creative growth when I was just starting out. One of them’s started joking about “getting the band back together again”. I think we’re too far-flung for that, at this point, but we can encourage each other from wherever we are.

The violence all over the country and world is disheartening. The first step in stopping it is cutting off the profit. There are individuals and organizations making serious profits from this type of violence. That needs to be cut off. Then we can start working on the ignorance and stupidity that grows from the idiotic fear of “other” and “different”.

I have lots of errands to run today, so I better get going. Looking forward to next week: meetings, Boston, an adventure on the 16th, a friend coming in the following week.

I have to finish the two short radio plays this weekend, and get back to the play next week. I will probably have to tweak the synopsis for the current book over the weekend, too, but I want to make sure there are no more major changes before I have to write another synopsis! 😉

Also going to take MacGeorge to computer hospital to see if we can keep him limping along for a few more months!

Have a great weekend!


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