Wed. June 29, 2016: Non-Negotiable – Back Off When I’m on Deadline!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Very tired and extremely crabby.

The trip to the Newport Flower Show on Saturday was gorgeous. The weather was perfect, they know how to organize – you’d think they were New Yorkers! 😉 Actually, a lot of them probably are. It was perfect – beautiful, well-run, everyone was nice. It was beautiful.

Thank goodness for the break, because the rest of the weekend was intense.

The writing deadlines are bearing down on me. I want to make it clear that I have NOT been procrastinating – I’m working as much as I can as fast as I can. But they are all around the same time, and I’m juggling flaming chainsaws.

I can do it, but only if people RESPECT the fact that I am on deadline, this is NOT a hobby, this is my career, and when I say I’m not available for whatever the latest demand is, it is NOT negotiable.

Back the fuck off.

All you do by making continuous, nagging demands is anger me. Every time you nag me, you go to the bottom of the list. I don’t care how important it is to you. I warned you all for weeks that this was crunch time for me; I met my obligations to you up to this point. This is MY time, for my work.

Understand this: the writing ALWAYS comes FIRST. ALWAYS.

I will deal with you when I have met my deadlines, and I will deal with those first who have nagged me least.

If you continue to nag, chances are that I will end my association with you completely.

Because if you get in the way of the writing, you are excommunicated from my universe. This is non-negotiable.

Writing-wise, it was a productive weekend, but that doesn’t make the deadline pressure any less intense. The radio plays are going well. INITIATE is on fire. I’ve written over 200 pages of it over the past two weeks, and it soars. I decided that I still hated every version of the new opening chapters of CHARISMA KILLINGS, tore them apart, and have started over. Since the whole damn book is due on the 8th of July, that makes things intense. I can do it, but only if those around me respect the boundaries. And those around me who do not respect those boundaries will get their heads ripped off if they interfere.

The writing is going well, but there is only so much I can sustain without cooking my brain. The breaks are short, and they are just that – breaks to refill the creative well and dig back down again. Not breaks to accommodate something YOU want me to do.

The book is due July 8th and that following weekend will need me to clean up the radio plays and the stage play and keep going on INITIATE. I expect to be coherent to people who aren’t characters in my book by about the 13th of July.

I will post progress reports here between now and then, and be on social media a little bit, but not as often as usual. Other than that – radio silence.

That is non-negotiable.

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  1. Good for you, Devon. Time to take back the work day, dammit. I’ve pushed back so hard and so often that the requests have stopped coming.

    I wish the same for you!

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