Thurs. June 16, 2016: Opportunity Knocked. I Said Yes

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and humid

Long, difficult day yesterday. There are decisions being made beyond the control of those who should be making them that affect us negatively.

But we survived.

Two pieces of disappointing news yesterday, which discouraged me. One could easily be shrugged off; the other, not so much. The second had to do with nepotism and favoritism, not talent, but there are also consequences, especially since my motto this cycle is “reciprocity.” Once I reminded myself of that, I cheered up.

I have my tickets for next weekend, for the flower show in Newport. That should be fun.

I’m also judging another Indie book contest, invited by one of my former book review editors. Just got my first manuscript, and will turn it around over the weekend.

A terrific opportunity landed on my desk yesterday, for a pair of short radio plays. The genre is WAAY out of my comfort zone – horror. I write dark sometimes, but I don’t write horror. I don’t get the cathartic jolt out of horror that so many do, and I often avoid it – in reading, on screen. I mean, we’re living our own horror show with Donald Trump right now, what could be worse than that? No, I’m not kidding. I don’t have anything I can use – it would have to be new. At first, I thought I was out of my mind to even contemplate adding anything else to the roster, considering the deadline pressure I’m under with CHARISMA KILLINGS, “Just a Drop”, and INITIATE. But this opportunity is delicious.

At first, I thought, “no, can’t add any more in.” Then, an actor acquaintance I met over social media starting encouraging me. I’d think he was being selfish, but he’s far more well known than I am and certainly doesn’t need to be in one of my pieces (although I’d love it if he was).

Suddenly, I got an idea for a pair of companion pieces, each short, each so far out there it made me queasy even to outline them. But then, thinking about how I could make them work technically – well, let’s just say that I’ve gotten both of them roughed out in my head, and it shouldn’t take too long to put them on paper.

I would be a fool to blow this chance.  When a genuine opportunity comes along in one’s field, you don’t make excuses not to do it.  You step up and deliver.

Tired last night, and went to bed far, far too early. Nearly overslept. But I managed to pay some bills and do a run to Trader Joe’s.

We have a program this morning, a meeting this afternoon, and I’m attending an awards dinner for a friend.

Meanwhile, the plays live and grow in my head. . .The actors are going to have a ball with them.


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