Fri. March 18, 2016: Sliding into a Snowy Equinox?

Friday, March 18, 2016
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Busy, busy few days!

Wednesday was a day full of catch-up and then meetings. I left a little early to prepare for the talk at the Writers Center event.

The talk went well. I got to see some people I hadn’t seen for a long time, including a classmate from the workshop in which SONGBOUND SISTERS was originally created.

Home, started work on the campaign writing, shaping some ideas.

Thursday morning, I had to take my mother to the hospital for some tests. Fingers crossed they come back with nothing wrong. She was exhausted and uncomfortable by the time they were done.

We took a short rest, and then drove to Restore, where we found a good shelf unit at an outstanding price that just needs repainting. I also fell in love with a Victorian chair, but it hasn’t been priced yet, so we’ll see, once it is, if it’s in my range.

Finished the campaign writing and sent it off; I should have the revision request today, so I can turn it around again.

It was a gorgeous day – there was time for a short walk on the beach, and then I was in the yard, yanking up some weird invasive that looks like tiny brown pine somethings, but has thorns, awful roots, and an odd smell. I dug out LOTS of them. I don’t want them in the yard. I also started putting the rock wall back together, but I don’t really have the skills, so I’ll have to get some books out on it. I managed to carve out some time at the end of the afternoon to sit on the deck, read, enjoy the sunshine, and have my celebratory St. Patrick’s Day beer. Not green, though!

I always need a bit of a break when I finish one book before going back to the other – I’d scheduled a few days off. I want to take one more look at the last few chapters of CHOLERIC before I hide it from myself for a few weeks, and then, tomorrow morning, I dig back into SONGBOUND SISTERS.

Started getting a migraine last night, which is worse today, unfortunately. Up early, although I’m still dragging from the time change.

We had new carpet put down in the reading room yesterday (why we were closed). Had to move the furniture back today, and now I’m playing catch up on not being here yesterday.

I’m baking tonight for tomorrow’s program; although it’s supposed to be my Saturday “off”, since there’s a program, I have to be in. But I don’t have to get in until early afternoon, so hopefully I can get some writing done and yard work. I also have to get to the post office.

Sunday is the Spring Equinox, so that will be busy (and I have to get the tomatoes started, or we won’t have tomatoes until November). We’re supposed to get another snowstorm, so who knows how that will be? Monday and Tuesday will be busy writing days, and Wednesday the whole cycle starts again, with another program and more to do here. I also have to drop off my art work on Monday, so I hope the roads are clear by noon or so.

I hope the migraine will ease up soon, and I hope I can get in some solid sleep over the weekend, so I feel better. I’m just on the cusp of coming down with something, and I don’t want to succumb.

Have a great weekend!

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