Wed. Feb. 24, 2016: Reconnecting With an Old Friend

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Busy few days. I did reading and research – and cleaned the house. I wasn’t feeling wonderful, so I tried not to push too hard. The light was poor, so I didn’t get the studio time I wanted.

Irritated that, at the end of the day on Friday, the person who booked me to speak on March 16 changed my topic. I’ve spent plenty of hours on the talk and put together a terrific packet of handouts. And I’m not being paid for the appearance. I was tempted to say no, but the topic is something I’ve taught before. I’m going to look and see if I have any old handouts. I’ll do the talk, and that’s it. I’m seriously considering skipping the conference this summer and placing my attention elsewhere. I thought maybe I was making too big a deal about the whole thing, but I talked to several colleagues, who were genuinely angry on my behalf, thought the whole thing was disrespectful, and I should have simply refused and told them to get someone else. I shouldn’t be surprised by the behavior of the organization – it’s part of the pattern that caused me to leave the organization in the first place.

Part of Saturday was spent across the bridge, running errands in Wareham – and finally using most of my LL Bean gift cards! 😉

I managed to get some decent work done on the mystery Monday, Tuesday, and this morning. I’ve passed the 250 page mark, and have started Chapter Twenty Two. I figure I can wrap it up by Chapter Thirty or Thirty Two, and I’ll be close to the February 29 deadline I set for myself. Then, I can put it aside to finish TIE-CUTTER. After TIE-CUTTER, SONGBIRD SISTERS comes back onto the roster.

I also cooked a good deal – baked a chocolate cake Monday night for the company; put a pork loin in the cooker and prepared a salmon salad for Tuesday lunch.

An old friend arrived around lunchtime on Tuesday. We ate, then I took her on a short tour of the Barnstable-Sandwich area. Came back, freshened up, and headed out to the Artist Hob Nob event at Kelly’s on Main. That was a ton of fun – a lively, interesting group, and we’re all doing all sorts of interesting stuff. Met some interesting people, caught up with people I always enjoy, and my friend got to see the more vibrant side of Cape artistic life. We had a good time. I’m glad my friend visited. It’s good to keep up long-term friendships.

Came back, ate, visited. Up early this morning. Got some writing done, fixed eggs Benedict for everyone for breakfast, and now a long day at work. I’m overtired, so even though everything’s fine, I’m, well, over tired! 😉

Too much to do – a proposal to finish (with someone else, so it’s not all on me) and another to write, plus I have to write up the blurb for the speaking engagement I no longer have any interest in doing.

I’m sure I’ll be less crabby once I get some sleep. I’m just run down right now, and have to recalibrate. It will all seem silly to be so stressed out very soon.


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