Wed. Feb. 10, 2016: Productive Snow Days

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Waxing Moon
Snowy and cold

Quite the few days out here!

Friday, we wound up closing at 11, because the weather was so bad. I slip-slid home, and tucked up the rest of the day, reading research materials.

Saturday was a pretty nice day, so we ran some errands, including picking up some materials at Michael’s for a project I needed, and going to Trader Joe’s to restock. Got a lot of research reading in, and working on notes for a project.

Sunday, I worked on LAUGHTER RETURNED a bit, and the background research I need for that. I also adapted “Confidence Confidant” from stage play into BBC Radio Format, and then into US radio format. It was interesting to see how I had to adpat visuals from the stage play into aurals for the radio play. I also adapted the radio drama “Broken LInks” from US to BBC format.

Those scripts will be registered with the Guild this week, and then — off they go!

We were hit with another big storm on Monday, so that was another snow day. It was the perfect writing day. I

First, I rewrote the opening chapter of SONGBIRD SISTERS, based on the work I’d done at the writers’ retreat in Vermont. It’s much more of what I do well, and enriches the world I’m building. Then, of course, I rewrote chapter 2 (which was more tweaking than rewriting), and rewrote what I’ve done so far on Chapter 3. I need to outline the rest of the book, but I’m in pretty good shape when I go back to it in late March.

Then, after I’d worked on SONGBOUND, I turned my attention back to DEATH OF A CHOLERIC and wrote two chapters of that. I’m getting back into its groove, and I finally got the Town Hall meeting sequence right. It went over two chapters, not one, but it’s pivotal to the plot, so I went with it.

Then, it was time for a cheerful fire in the fireplace, a glass of wine, and reading some contest entries.

I also started reading TRAVELLING TO WORK, Michael Palin’s diaries from 1988-1998. They’re wonderful. It also made me laugh, because we’ve worked with some of the same people. I also love that the Pythons stayed involved in each others’ personal and creative lives even when they stopped being a troupe. All of this creative work is happening against the backdrop of the Berlin Wall coming down, Thatcher going out of power, all the bombings in London, Desert Storm — really wonderful reading, and it reminds me of a lot of what I lived through. I was in the UK quite a bit in the early to mid 90s.

Tuesday meant shovelling the 13 or so inches that had fallen all day Wednesday. Fortunately, it was light and fluffy, and only the bottom of the driveway, where the plow packed down the slush, which turned to ice, was it a problem. A problem fixed by use of the garden hoe.

Then, I worked on my handouts for the WNO event in March. I’ll have to edit them down. They’re too long. Nine pages, and I’m still talking about screenwriting. That’s only one of the four scriptwriting forms I’m supposed to cover.

I also had a chance to spend some studio time, which I did, although I started so late in the day, i couldn’t get everything done I wanted to. I will have to make time in daylight for some serious studio time over the next week, especially next weekend.

We’re under another storm alert today, but I’m heading in to work at least at the beginning, and we’ll play it by ear. If we need to close early, that’s what we’ll do. I’m hoping to get in a decent early morning writing session before I have to go.


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