Dec. 23, 2015: Preparing for a Warm Holiday (in every sense of the Word)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015
Waxing Moon
Sunny and warm

Can’t believe how warm it’s been. Things are starting to blooms!

Still working on holiday cards – got a stack of them in the mail this morning, but I suspect some of the them will be more like New Year’s cards. My apologies!

Tough few days, but I survived, simply because I am not going to succumb to manipulative b.s.

I finally finished the historical play and submitted it to the company in New York! It’s called “Confidence Confidant” and is about one of Kate Warne’s cases. Kate was the first female hired by Allan Pinkerton. She was known for her undercover work – good at gaining the confidence of the suspected criminals. Basically, she pulled the long con on the con artists! This play focuses on her work on the Adams Express Company case. I spent months researching, and it was fun to write.

I’ve got a company overseas interested in a full-length version, so I’m going to open it out a bit.

But it was good to get the deadline met and done.

Knitting group was fun last night.

Supposedly I’ve won a writers’ retreat stay in Vermont, but I’m having trouble actually getting a response from them to settle the details. Hopefully, it’s not a scam.

Tomorrow will be my first day off in 25 days, and I’m looking forward to it. I want a nice, quiet Christmas of family, food, reading, and writing!

Have a wonderful holiday!


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