Thurs. Dec. 17, 2016: Better Not to Give Today a Title

Thursday, December 17, 2015
Waxing Moon
Rainy and cool

Busy day yesterday – mixed day. Lots of little, niggly things that could add up to bigger frustrations if I don’t remember to step back and breathe.

Getting irritated, because there are certain factions who come in to work who gripe when I don’t have baked goods out at the desk. Sorry, I’m not the designated pastry chef. I share baked goods when I can; it’s a gift, not an obligation. And if you’re going to suck all the joy out of it, I won’t do it anymore. Typical of this area – if you do something nice for someone, instead of appreciation, it leads to demands.

I managed to get three loads of laundry done before I left for work.

Came home last night, exhausted. However, we managed to finish decorating the big tree, get the skirt on, and get it into place. Our herd of sparkly deer are now on the hearth, and the nutcrackers are all through the house. I still have to set up the Santa collection, and finish the display under the small tree. And then – we are decorated!

I still have to rearrange a bunch of stuff before the party on the 3rd, but that’s okay.

Working on my domestic holiday cards, and plotting what to get my person for Secret Santa – I love Secret Santa. I love coming up with creative, small, fun gifts.

Baked for the tango party when I got home.

Up early this morning; a little work on TIE-CUTTER. Created a crockpot recipe that will cook while I’m out and about today. I was at Trader Joe’s when it opened at eight a.m. to pick up milk and eggs, and swung by the post office to mail some of the cards.

Today will be a long day, then I have to run home, eat, change, and spend a bit of time at the tango party before running to another event, and then going home to work on more cards.

My last day off was November 29. My next day off is December 24. Not the best planning on my part.


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