Wed. Dec. 16, 2015: Moving Forward at Full Speed

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Waxing Moon
Sunny and mild

I have been going flat out. I can’t wait for my next day off – Christmas Eve. I’m going to sleep until I have to get up and make dinner! 😉

Saturday, I had errands in the morning, then made it to the JFK Museum just before 10. I got the trees plugged in, organized the shift, and worked it. Shift changed at 12:30, and I raced home, got something to eat, and took my mom to the Scandinavian celebration at the Lutheran Church up in W. Barnstable. The quilts were gorgeous, but I fell in love with a Christmas mouse ornament, and that was my choice. She’s adorable, and now adorns the desk.

A neighbor is moving, and I inherited her gorgeous patio table and chairs. I ran and had dinner with another friend, and then headed back to British Beer Pub to meet up with Library friends before heading over for the Spectacle Drawing.

It went smoothly and was lots of fun. The person who won the NMLC tree jumped up and down, shouting with joy. It was so cute! We got all the details sorted for the pickup. The winner of the library tree was local, and that got sorted.

Home, tired, but started watching season 3 of MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERIES. It was cute, but I thought it missed some of the sense of fun of the earlier seasons.

Up early on Sunday. Got some stuff done around the house, then headed back to the museum. Helped pack up the NMLC tree, helped haul the Funraisers tree; the library tree was handled.

Home, more decorating, prepared and delivered cookie platters to the neighbors.

Up early on Monday. More cookie platters, wrote the overseas cards, got everything mailed, more decorating in the afternoon and more errands. Tuesday, again, up early, got the car inspected, ordered the online gifts, grocery shopped and ran other errands.

Was exhausted by the time I got home, but did more organizing. Managed three loads of laundry before I left for work this morning.

I’m behind on the play, but got a short extension. This coming weekend, I have to buckle down and get it finished and polished properly.

Somewhere in there, I managed to get some work done on TIE-CUTTER. I really like the book. It feels right.

Planning my “Nine Ladies Dancing” Party (since Twelfth Night, this year, is on a Wednesday). I have two parties to go to this year, Secret Santa to do, domestic cards to finish writing, and, of course, the house to finish decorating!

Somehow, it will all get done!


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