Fri. Dec. 11, 2015: Great Conference, Long Stretch Ahaead

Friday, December 11, 2015
New Moon
Foggy and mild

Busy couple of days. Busy at work on Wednesday. Home, exhausted, and prepping for Thursday.

Yesterday was the Cape Coastal Conference, over at the Hyannis Conference Center and Resort. The eight hours felt like two. Lots of information – a lot to think about. However, until the community starts showing political will, the ideas and needs are going to fail. We have to put politicians in office who represent our needs, not those of special interests who basically feel if we’re not rich enough, we deserve to die. The avoidance around here of taking any sort of political action so that we can implement the needed changes is very frustrating.

Home, tired, and had to get some work done. I’m behind on the holiday cards – oh, well! 😉

Woke up at 3 AM, couldn’t get back to sleep until 5, and then was disoriented. Got myself out of the house on time, though, to do a delivery up to Long Pasture, and then go to work.

Today will be a long day, too, and tonight I have to work on cards.

Early early tomorrow, I have to take another load of leaves to the dump and then hit the post office, before working Trees, taking a quick break, and going back for the drawing. Sunday is the Santa Lucia Festival at the Lutheran church in W. Barnstable. And then we head into next week.

I’ll have to dig deep to finish the play on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, so it will be ready to send off on Thursday. Two parties next week, along with working, and then we get into Solstice/Christmas week. I’m behind on my Solstice preparations, too! 😉

Somehow, it will all come together. Then, I have to dig deep for BALTHAZAAR. And I miss working on CHOLERIC and TIE-CUTTER. Lots to do, little energy.

But I am determined to find joy in the holiday season! Hope you are, too!


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