Fri. Dec. 4, 2015: Challenging Day, Fun Night

Friday, December 4, 2015
Waning Moon
Sunny and Mild

Yesterday was a challenge, to say the least. Three programs at the building, back to back all day, before heading over to the VIP Party for Spectacle of the Trees. No, I was not responsible for the poor scheduling; yes, I had to clean up the mess. Don’t get me started.

I was already exhausted and running on fumes by the time I got to the party, but, because it was so lovely and lively, I perked up a bit. Fabulous turnout – it was sold out. The NMLC wreath was auctioned off for over $1400, which was brilliant. I wound up helping out as an auction spotter, which was fun. I hadn’t realized how many people I knew from various events around the Cape. It was fun.

Came home, exhausted, but so overtired I couldn’t sleep right away.

Up early this morning, still exhausted. But there’s a full day of work for me today and tomorrow, not to mention catching up on writing. I have a play due on the 17th. And I have to finish BALTHAZAAR and the two Nano novels.

This weekend, it’s my “Saturday on”, and then I plan to do my holiday baking – and there’s a caroling event I have to attend on Sunday. Monday is an NMLC Board meeting and an event at Titcomb’s. Tuesday I’m working a shift at Spectacle, and then it’s back here at the desk again through next week, working Spectacle again on Saturday and then attending the drawing.

I’m very, very, very tired, but so is everyone else who’s been working flat out. Eventually, we’ll catch up!



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