Post Nano Tip: Dec. 1: Now What?

Are you thoroughly exhausted and can’t stand the thought of typing another word? Feel free to take today off.

Because tomorrow, unless you finished your draft – you’re jumping back in! 😉

If you wrote regularly but didn’t reach 50K — good for you, you wrote! Keep writing. Take today off, and, tomorrow, go back to the page and keep going — until you’re done.

If you wrote regularly and hit 50K — good for you! Take today off and go back to the page tomorrow until you finish your draft.

If you already finished the novel — good for you! Put it away and do not look at it for two months. Take today off and start work on something else tomorrow.

Or, because it’s December, give yourself the holidays off and make a commitment to light a candle on January 1 and start writing your next novel.

Good for you!

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  1. Interesting thoughts, Devon! And You seem to be a Prolific writer. Kudos and Regards.

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