Nano 30 Tips for 30 Days: Day 30: Done!

This is it! Your final day of Nano. The day to make the big push if you need to, or the day to simply pause and celebrate if you’ve hit the Nano goal.

If you haven’t finished your piece, no matter where you are in relation to 50K, please don’t stop after today. Please keep going until you have a first draft that’s done. If you write only 1000 words/day, as novelist Carolyn See recommends in her wonderful book MAKING A LITERARY LIFE, you’ll be amazed by how quickly the pages stack up.

Once you’re done, let it rest before going back to edit.

In the meantime – write something else, if being a writer is your goal, your path, your passion, and your vocation. Take what you’ve learned from this experience and apply it to the next piece.

I hope you have learned. I hope Nano’s freed up your process and given you a fresh perspective. I hope you’ve met some good people and had a good month.

In Year 2, I pushed through on the final chapter of Assumption of Right, and finished the novel. The feeling of satisfaction of not only hitting the Nano goal, but finishing the piece is enormous, as is the relief.

And tomorrow, I will take what I learned from Nano, write at least 1500 words before I start my day, and move forward.

P.S. Don’t forget to upload your file, if you haven’t done so already, to get your final “win”.

P.S.S. There will still be a couple more days of tips!

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