Nano 30 Tips for 30 Days: Day 29: Trusted Readers

Trusted Readers are your greatest resource.

I don’t use family members or romantic partners as Trusted Readers. I want a more outside eye. My Trusted Readers are comprised of fellow writers I think are particularly suited to the particular project and one or two non-writers who are avid readers. They do not have a personal agenda to my work – they simply want to read something good. They will be honest without being cruel. They provide positive criticism that helps me make the piece better, and they catch my bad habits. They do not try to sabotage me to forward their own agendas.

Once I get their comments, I go back and do another revision, incorporating them, and then do yet another revision with more cuts.

Only then is the piece in shape to start the submission process.

That’s my revision process. We each have to find our own. But the most important thing is not to try to submit something that’s not the best it can be. And a first draft, especially one written in an atmosphere of “just do it” is not going to be ready to submit.

There are 48 hours left in the Nano process. Where are you? What have you learned from your characters? Even if you feel your plot’s turned into a mess, keep going. You are so darned close. If your characters aren’t behaving, throw them into a crazy new situation, even if you’re not sure it fits. The results might surprise and delight you. If they don’t — you can cut it in your next draft.

If you are on track, or beyond your 50K, just keep a steady word count going for the next two days. If you are behind, do yet another big push, so that you are as close as you can be.


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