Nano 30 Tips for 30 Days: Day 27: Finish

Even if you don’t finish the novel in the 30 days, keep working on it past those 30 days.

Finish it.

Don’t let it sit in a drawer, unfinished, draining creative energy from other projects. The more unfinished projects sit there, the more projects you will start and not finish. I teach an entire course on “The Graveyard of Abandoned Projects” to teach how to finish, even temporarily, to stop the creative drain.

Don’t try to pitch it to agents or editors in unfinished first draft form.

Until you have an established track record, if it’s not written, it can’t be sold, and the words won’t appear on the page until and unless you put them there.

I hope Nano’s given you the chance to experiment, to make discoveries in your process, to set your own goals and commit to them, and, most of all, to respect your work and be true to it.

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