Tues. Nov. 24, 2015: Verified


Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015
Nearly full moon
Sunny and cold

Most of yesterday was spent working on TIE-CUTTER, the rebel project. I managed, over the weekend, some work on DEATH OF A CHOLERIC, but I wrote myself into a corner, and I need to do tracking sheets to get out of it. So I focused on TIE-CUTTER. I dug deeper in the latter, and got some good, emotionally truthful scenes written.

I verified this morning. I thought I had just past 57K, but it verified at 63K, so, yay me.

I have my certificate and my little icon above.

I don’t usually work at the library on Tuesdays, but I wanted to get some stuff done for next week’s Victorian Tea and for the Trees, so I came in. I’ll stay and write with the Nano Writers at 11 (I made brownies), and then put gas in the car and bake the Red Velvet Cupcakes I’m bringing to the dinner. Tonight is an Artist HobNob Event.

Although I still have a lot of work to do on both TIE CUTTER and DEATH OF A CHOLERIC — I figure I’ve got about a third of the book done on each — I have to switch my focus over the next two weeks to the historical play, which has to upload to the theatre company on December 17. So that will be my primary focus, although I hope to do a few pages a day on one or the other of the books as well. Yes, in spite of all the Holiday Madness.

I’ll be offline for a few days, although the tips will continue. Have a wonderful holiday!


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  1. Congratulations!

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