Nano 30 Tips for 30 Days: Day 23: Final Week

We are in the final 7 days of the process.

Look back.

Have you reached your benchmarks?

If you missed one, did you make up for it?

Have you learned something, even if it’s that a way you tried working didn’t pan out?

Start formatting the manuscript for the upload now. Place it into one RTF file. As you keep working, upload the new material into the file at the end of every work session.

Back it up. Multiple times.

Even if you’re behind where you want to be, start this process NOW. Don’t wait for the last minute.

And keep writing.

Come Write In! at the Marstons Mills Public Library, 2160 Main St., Marstons Mills
Tuesdays 11-1, Thursdays 2-4 in November.

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