Fri. Nov. 20, 2015: Still A Little Out of It

Friday, Nov. 20, 2015
Waxing Moon
Rainy and cool

I was discombobulated yesterday. I was overtired from the funeral the day before; I’d come in for a few hours on Tuesday, when I usually don’t; I was late coming in on Wed. I was completely confused on Thursday.

But work we did – cataloging books, prepping for Spectacle, answering emails, doing book orders, working on ask letters, etc.

I had a slow writing day yesterday and a slightly better one today, both on the classic – a little over 1400 words yesterday and 1448 today. Not Nano numbers, but I’m ahead enough so it’s still okay. I’m over 46K, and nearly 30K of that is the new mystery. It’s chugging along nicely.

Long work day today and tomorrow, but I also have a lot of writing to get done. On Sunday, a friend is coming over and we get to work on the strategic plan.

I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving. Where did all the time go? I’m not ready for the holidays.

Enjoy this last push for Nano!


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  1. Sorry about your colleague, Devon. My thoughts and prayers to all…

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