Thurs. Nov. 19, 2015: Saying Goodbye and Writing Forward

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cold

Yesterday was a long, sad day. The memorial service was in Manomet.
Valet parking and everything. I was a little confused and the guy said, “Don’t worry, we haven’t lost one yet.” Which was pretty funny.

There was a lot of us from the Marine Life Center. We were okay until we saw his pirate costume, that he always wore to the Mermaid Ball, hanging up beside the cremation urn. That’s when we lost it.

The service was lovely and simple. We then had a long procession, complete with escort, back over the bridge to the National Cemetery in Bourne for the Honor Guard Ceremony – incredibly moving and beautiful. Then it was back over the bridge to Flynn’s in Manomet for the reception.

I only stayed an hour or so, then headed back to the library to finish out the work day.

Home, exhausted. In bed by 8:30.

It still is incomprehensible to me that my colleague won’t be at the holiday splash or the trees party or the Mermaid Ball. I keep expecting him to walk through the door at any moment.

Got some work done on TIE-CUTTER this morning. Thursdays and Fridays tend to be short writing days for me.

Long day at work, and then meetings tonight.

I’m past 45K on Nano, between the two projects. I think I’ll hit 50K before Thanksgiving, which is usually my goal. If I hit it early enough, I might just upload everything before Thanksgiving and not worry about it, to get the final count. Or, I might add what I do over the holiday, because I should have a couple of solid writing hours each day.


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