Nano 30 Tips for 30 Days: Day 15: Week 3/Half-Way Point

Welcome to the start of Week 3!

The third week is both more difficult and easier than the previous two.

Hopefully, you’re far enough into your story so that you’re getting out of your own way.

However, there are two more types of resistance you may face this week:

If you’re on count, you’ll be tempted to take time off because you’re ahead of yourself. Don’t fall into this trap. Keep on pace. You can ease up once you’ve finished your draft.

If you’re behind, you’re likely to say to yourself, “I’ll never make it anyway, so why bother?” Don’t fall into this trap, either. Simply do as much as you can. Every word is a word more than you had before. Eventually, the words all add up.

What if you’ve hit this point and you truly hate what you’ve written? To the point where you can’t continue?

Create a temporary ending – write a scene to end the piece. Start the next piece as soon as you type the last period on this one. Put this piece aside for a few months and then reassess. Even a temporary/false ending is better than leaving something unfinished. Unfinished projects drain creative energy.

The point of all of this is to keep writing.

This is where I hit the point where I resent every minute I spent away from the manuscript. Real life is nothing more than an annoyance.

Until I sit down at the computer. Then, I have trouble again. I almost skipped today, because I was ahead of my goal. But I didn’t. Because every time you skip a day, or a series of days (which is different than a conscious day off), it’s harder to get back to it. That’s why so many professional writers emphasize the importance of writing every day. This doesn’t mean you can never have a day off. It just means approaching the work each day as you would any professional job. Scheduling the time and meeting the page, whether you feel like it or not.

Pat of this journey is finding out where writing sits in your life, and then restructuring things around it, if appropriate.

Happy Third Week!

Hopefully, you’re at 25K by today!

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