Fri. Nov. 6, 2015: Looking Ahead to a Writing Schedule

Friday, November 6, 2015
Waning Moon
Rainy and warm

I was dragging yesterday, which made for a long day.

We had a small group for the Come Write In! session, but a good one.

This morning’s word count was only two above yesterday’s, which I thought was pretty funny, but I finished Chapter Five. Again, I knew the counts at the end of the weeks would be low. I’m still in excellent shape from the banked words, and I’ll be able to push hard again over the weekend, so it will be fine. I want to hit my 50K before Thanksgiving, so I don’t have to worry. I’d like to upload everything the Saturday after, and then relax back into the natural rhythm for each book.

I figure if I hit 50K for Choleric by the end of the month — it’s probably going to run about 85-90K, so I’ll have a first draft finished by mid-February, if I keep going at 1K/day. TIE CUTTER’s first draft will probably be finished by mid-March.

The historical play has to be finished and out by mid-December, and I want to get back to BALTHAZAAR and get that out by the end of January.

So, if BALTHAZAAR is out, I’ll still write the two novels until February and March. I’ll have to start the third Gwen Finnegan just about as soon as BALTHAZAAR is accepted.

If I finish CHOLERIC by mid-February and put it aside for two months, I can start editing in mid-April. That means it should be ready for submission by the end of June, and TIE-CUTTER by the end of July. I’ll be writing the third Gwen Finnegan while I revise CHOLERIC and TIE-CUTTER, and then have to start on the fourth Gwen Finnegan, which actually takes place before TRACKING MEDUSA.

Somewhere in there, I have to fit in SONGBOUND SISTERS and the aviation mystery.

2016 will be a busy writing year.

Today’s writing tip is below this post.

Have a great weekend!


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