Wed. Oct. 21, 2015: Tightrope

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cold

I was sick for a good part of the weekend — not the way I wanted to spend my days off, but that’s the way it goes. It couldn’t seem to decide if it was a stomach bug or chills/fever or respiratory–although it was a steady migraine all the way through.

In spite of it all, I managed to do a lot of running around for Spectacle of the Trees for the Marine Life Center, and designed another tree display for the house.

On top of it, I found out that the big glowing eyeball in the front yard not only glows — it changes color! Of course, you have to turn it on first!

In spite of the illness, I managed to get some really good writing in. I need to let go of the ego aspect of Nano, of getting in all those 50K in 30 days, and just keep steadily working on this book I believe in. “Writing with”, not “doing.”

My 91-year-old mother got her driver’s license renewed — she’s pretty excited. As I said, she breezed through her eye test and has all her marbles, so why not?

Yesterday, I was well enough to have a great lunch at Sam Diego’s with a writer friend. We haven’t had the chance for a good natter in a long time, so it was a great catch-up.

Long day today at work, and then I’m going to swing by the Keller Williams Training Center to drop off schedules for the first Cape Cod NanoWriMo Brainstorming session.

Starting tomorrow, I will have a daily prep tip until the end of the month, and then a writing tip for every day of November. They’ll be here on the blog, but set apart from the regular posts.

Stop by! Or stop by the Marstons Mills Public Library on Tuesday from 11-1 and Thursdays from 2-4 for informal “Come Write In!” sessions.

Because we’re hitting November, so it’s all about the writing!


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