Wed. Oct. 7, 2015: A Mystery Arrives From Germany

Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Busy, busy few days.

On the downside, the wine event that was supposed to be this weekend was cancelled.

I was lucky to have several days away from the regular workday. I did yard work and stuff around the house. And I wrote. The project that has my main focus (separate from what’s on deadline) is a new direction for me, and I’m looking forward for to it. A few steady, solid work days of writing – not huge word counts, but steady progress. I like it. I’m exploring characters and themes that interest me in a contemporary, realistic setting – rather than mystery or fantasy. It’s different, it feels a little odd, but it’s also very, very interesting.

Got a lot of errands done, started the decorating for Samhain. Still have to put in some autumnal plants, but most of the decorations, both inside and outside, are up.

Last night, I had to go in to work (although it was, technically, my day off) to run a program. Fortunately, it was a really interesting one, terrific presenter, although the turnout wasn’t as big as we hoped.

Came home, ate, read a bit.

The steady writing’s felt very good. I’m working on integrating the deadlined projects back in with this one, without any of them losing momentum. If I can get this nice, steady, solid rhythm going on all of them, and make progress with each project every day – soon, they’ll be done.

The library is an official Come Write In! center for Nano, so we’re doing the preparation for that. We’ll have sessions on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, for anyone who wants to write in company.

This morning, a big box arrived from Germany. It has photos and documents from my late uncle’s estate – my father’s younger brother. I don’t know much about that side of the family. Many of the photos have no notations – it will be quite a project to figure them out. It was also interesting to see the photos of our side of the family that they kept. And to see that they, too, take photos of the food tables when they travel! That’s something I’ve always done. I assumed it was from my mother’s side of the family – they’ve always been superb cooks, run restaurants and the like – but I never saw food photos in those albums. Yet, my uncle and aunt loved to do that – funny how some characteristics repeat in generations!

Looking forward to unravelling the mysteries.


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