Fri. Oct. 2, 2015: This, That, T’Other

Friday, October 2, 2015
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Rainy and cold

So, yesterday was 4 AM to Midnight for me, but it was worth it. It was Ray Bartlett’s book launch, for SUNSETS OF TULUM. I was up at 4 (thinking it was 6), chopping and preparing the last of the fresh food. Went in to the library on time, loaded stuff up, set up the event room, printed the programs, went back home, stuffed eggs, tomatoes, and celery, wrapped figs.

Loaded everything into the car, drove it over, unloaded, finished setting up – with Ray’s help, and the help of one of his friends, a fellow writer.

It was a lovely evening — not only did I enjoy the work I did on the event, I enjoyed the event itself. It was a pleasure to have a part in making it a special night for Ray.

We loaded everything up after, I went home, sorted out what stayed home, what went back to the library, did all the dishes, etc.

Got to bed around midnight, slept like the dead. Overslept this morning, in fact, but definitely needed this morning’s yoga session to get out the kinks.

Repacked the car, didn’t write this morning, but got to work on time.

The weather is nasty, although we needed the rain. If we don’t cancel the wine event (and we might, due to low ticket sales), I have a LOT of running around to do this weekend. I also have a LOT of running around to do for myself, and a lot of writing to get done. There’s work to be done on the next Gwen Finnegan mystery and work to be done on several other projects, including the historical play. I also have to put edits into another script, so I can register it with the Guild and get it out the door.

I have an event Tuesday evening, so I don’t get four days away from the library (I usually have Tuesdays off completely, but no such luck this coming week). So, next week, I’m working five days here instead of three — because that will be my Saturday “on.”

But, somehow it all works out.

Hoping to do a lot of yoga in the next few days, to work out the knots that developed since I returned from Kripalu. I’m working hard to not just maintain what I achieved there, but to build on it.

The quality of my writing definitely improved when I applied some of what I worked on in the yoga and meditation practices to the writing practices.

I put a pork roast in the crockpot this morning before I left, so dinner will be waiting when I get home. I can put up my feet, enjoy a glass of wine, and listen to the rain for a few hours.

When you can’t get big chunks of time off, you have to make the most of the small ones!

Have a great weekend!


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