Wed. Sept. 30, 2015: Busy and Trying to Stay Steady

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Rainy and warm

So now we have a hurricane to worry about, on top of everything else! 😉

Monday was busy, flat out. So was yesterday. I wrote, mowed the front, ran errands, went grocery shopping, prepped the dips for tomorrow’s party, did my hair, worked on the wine event.

Went to the monthly artist HobNob event at a nice restaurant in Falmouth. Good conversation, and I had the opportunity to contribute a portion of a community art piece that opens at Cotuit Center for the Arts on the 10th. Also, random people in the restaurant kept asking me for wine invitations.

Came home, ate a late dinner, went to bed.

Up early this morning. Baked cupcakes, ran to the store (in the pouring rain) to get the produce for tomorrow, transferred the water we collect in buckets to the jugs we use for the plants.

Today will be a long day at work. Tonight, I’ll do the puddings for tomorrow, and tomorrow morning will be the last minute chop-n-prep.

I’ve figured out the next scene for the WIP, and I even got to do some work on it this morning!

Yes, this week is busy, but it’s good busy, so I’m going to enjoy it.

I have a lot of work to do still on the wine event; we’ve hit a glitch.



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Mon. Sept. 28, 2015: How About That Lunar Eclipse!

Monday, September 28, 2015
Last Day of Full Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Partly cloudy and warm

Busy weekend, but good. Got a lot of processing done on Friday and Saturday. I’m almost caught up from the vacation. Also did a lot of PR work, both for the library and for the wine event.

All the same, I was happy to get home after work on Saturday afternoon, put up my feet, have a martini and read on the deck!

I read GIRL WAITS WITH GUN, which was interesting and unusual. It feels like the first book in a series, so I’m interested to see where it goes.

I also read another book, by a well-regarded author. It’s paranormal romance, and supposed to be one of those “eternal love/true love” stories — only, to me, it came across as kind of stalky and disturbing. It gave lip service to the woman’s independence, but she was still completely in the man’s control. Turned me off that author completely.

Keeping up with the yoga practice and deepening the meditation practice. I’m not doing as much yoga as I did at Kripalu, but I’m trying not to backslide.

Finished watching Season Three of SIX FEET UNDER — mixed feelings about it, although I think the cast is great.

Watched AGENT CARTER — really liked Hayley Atwell and some of the rest of the cast. They made even the more ludicrous bits of it work. Looking forward to Season 2.

I’m in a stretch where I don’t have any days off now, so I’m trying to make the most of whatever hours off I get.

Yesterday, I did a lot of work on the upcoming book launch for my friend’s book this week, and read a little bit.

The Full Lunar Eclipse last night was magnificent. What an odd sensation, being cut off from the moon. It felt really odd — pinpricks all over the place, and then nothing. Disturbing. I found myself reaching down towards earth energy a lot more, to stay rooted, since I was cut off from the lunar energy I tend to gravitate towards first!

But it was beautiful, watching the whole thing, and I felt lucky to experience it.

I had an excellent writing session this morning, which was comforting.

Worked flat out all morning, on the wine event, on tonight’s NYU Meet-n-Greet, preparing a letter of support for the Bourne Library filed with the town for Thursday’s meeting, and filing remarks for a state senate hearing tomorrow on the rate hikes in homeowner’s insurance (obviously, I’m against them — if cost-of-living raises are 3% for a regular person and rate hikes are 9% while the CEO’s is 27% — there is no way that math works).

Also got some mowing and yard work done. A lot to do to prep the yard for winter!

Getting read for tonight. Tomorrow will be busy, between errands, working on the wine event,and more work on the book launch.


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Friday, Sept. 25, 2015: Work and Clarity

Friday, September 25, 2015
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Busy day at work yesterday, trying to not only catch up on everything from while I was gone, but keep on top of what’s coming up, on various fronts (not just the work front). Trying not to get caught in the unproductive spiral of frustration I was in before; sad as certain realizations become even clearer. But that’s the way things go sometimes.

Catalogued a LOT of books that came in, worked on posters, promotion, catch-up, and being a sounding board/extra pair of eyes on a couple of strategic plans.

I’m putting some final organizational touches on the wine event, and then focusing on the events in the next couple of weeks, three of which are next week.

Not happy with the writing the last few days, but staying true to doing yoga both in the morning and at night, and increasing my meditation time is helping in a way that I believe will start to feed the writing in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow is my Saturday “on”, then then I have a lot of work to do on my three days “off” (which are filled with either events or preparing for events), and then a very, very busy week next week.

Somehow, it will all even out.


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Wed. Sept. 23, 2015: Writing Challenges and Solutions

Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Autumn Equinox
Sunny and cool

Monday was a busy day, between writing and meetings, and trying to maintain a stronger yoga practice.

I did, however, work on THREE ROADS OF STRANGERS and also do a rough draft of a one-hour television pilot. Both need a good bit of work, but at least something is on paper. I had trouble finding Quentin’s character there for a bit — I didn’t have a handle on him, yet, but I think I’m getting there.

I also was doing work for the wine event, which culminated on Tuesday when I found the right chocolate vendor.

Tuesday was busy writing-wise. I’m doing a revision of a piece I’ve worked on for several years — love the characters, love the piece, but the point of view is all over the place, and I have to get specific. I have to go, scene by scene, and make sure it’s strongly from a point of view, even when it means losing other material. If the material is important, I’m finding a way to incorporate it into the scene, while still holding the chosen POV. It’s also interesting to see how the writing’s grown since I first started writing this particular book.

I’m still finding my way into SONGBOUND SISTERS, and I’m not happy with the last bit of work I’ve done on that.

Today, it’s back to work. We shall see what’s stacked up on my desk while I was gone, and what’s new.

I’m watching Season 3 of SIX FEET UNDER. While I still really like the cast, I feel the energy is lower and flatter this season. It doesn’t have the drive and momentum of the previous two.

Autumn Equinox — when day and night are balanced. Although the shorter days have been obvious the last few weeks, now it becomes really noticable.


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Mon. Sept. 21, 2015: Clarity in the Mountain Air

Monday, September 21, 2015

Waxing Moon

Neptune Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde

Uranus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Sunny and cool


Yup, Mercury is retrograde, so: stay low, stay quiet, go shopping.


The vacation was terrific, and much-needed. I loved being in the Berkshires. I was surprised by how much Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon there was up there. Almost everyone I met was connected to someone else I’d worked with at some point. It’s beautiful out there, but there’s also a solid respect for the work people do and the skills people bring to the table.


Kripalu was amazing. Much better than I’d hoped or imagined. It’s very individually oriented and nurturing, and yet there are very strong boundaries. When you get there, you sign what I call an “anti-stupidity contract”, basically promising not to behave like an entitled asshole. They enforce their no cell phone and no photographs policies, which I just loved. And, no matter how much money you have or how much you paid to be there, yes, the rules really DO apply to you, too.


I took three yoga classes a day, and whatever workshops caught my fancy. It would have been easy to get caught up in running from workshop to workshop, but I didn’t. I made sure I had a lot of time to just sit and enjoy the mountains and the lake (the weather was gorgeous), read, and write.


I also avoided getting caught up in becoming the de facto Cruise Director while I was there. Because there were so many situations where I felt excluded growing up, I tend to take it upon myself to pull in anyone who looks isolated or confused, so they feel included, rather than excluded. When I’m in a situation like the Writers’ Conference, where I’m local and I was on the Board, it’s part of my job to promote inclusiveness, and take care of anyone who feels shy or worried. However, this week was about taking care of myself (while not trampling on anyone else’s needs), so that’s what I did. When I chose to take a workshop, I threw myself in a hundred percent. I was friendly to people and talked in between classes, but I made sure I had a lot of time on my own, and I took all my meals in silence.


The food was spectacular. I was a little worried, but it was wonderful. Plenty of it, and, within a couple of hours, I could feel the difference in that I felt better and had a ton more energy. I didn’t have any headaches, any chest pains, any arrhythmias, any gastric issues while I was there. I got to work on healing the shoulder injury. I tried new things in workshops, and food-wise. I spent a lot of time in the fourth floor meditation room. I really, really, REALLY liked doing three hours of yoga a day.


I tried something called Yoga Dance, which is certainly a workout, and the teacher was spectacular. I got to take a yoga class with her as well, and she was familiar with my work in New York. Another one of my teachers was also an NYU alumni. Other people had either read my books, attended a show on which I’d worked, or knew the writing I’d done for Llewellyn for sixteen years. Another presenter and I know we’ve met before, but we can’t figure out where.


It was the perfect balance of solitude and community.


I would go back in a second, for a longer stretch.


I stayed offsite, which worked for me, because I also kept running into people who knew someone I’d worked with. I went out a few times with friends of colleagues in Great Barrington, and I got to stop by three theatres in the area, whose work I respect.


I wasn’t too thrilled with Stockbridge. The town is pretty, but the people were too much the same type as those who inhabit the Hamptons. Since I never wanted to spend time with them either in NYC or the Hamptons, I did not seek out their company here, either. I liked Lenox, Lee, Great Barrington, and Pittsfield is making a comeback.


Most of my writing was private, but I did do some work on WIPs, and spent plenty of time working out storylines.


I clarified some of the horizons to which I’m aiming, although I don’t have the detailed steps worked out yet. But at least I now believe I can get there.


One of the things I appreciated most was the practicality of everything there. They make it clear that Kripalu is safe space and not the real world, but they also give you tools to take back into the world and apply to daily life, so it’s not just you go to Kripalu for fantasy-land and then go back to the real world and keep doing the things that are bad for you. I’m sure plenty of people do just that, but Kripalu does provide tools so you don’t have to.


Traffic was horrible both coming and going, but it all worked out.


Violet’s health is steadily improving, thank goodness. It’s time to start putting the yard to bed.


I watched the first season of GOTHAM on DVD, and really, really liked it. The set design is gorgeous, I know all the exterior locations (since they shoot in NY). Every shot is beautiful. The cast is terrific, and the writing’s good.


When I first came back, I had some stomach issues — switching back to my “regular” food. But I’m adjusting my diet, slowly, and feeling better for it.


About 80% of the sugar I usually eat (and I don’t eat that much) was cut out of my diet while I was there, and I felt much better. So I’m going to do the same here.


I know things will be busy at work this week, both catching up with what accumulated while I was gone, and prepping for upcoming events. My friend’s book launch is on October 1. The big NYU Alumni event is next Monday night, the next artist HobNob is on Tuesday, and the NMLC wine event is Oct. 11. A lot to do in a short amount of time, while I’m also trying to reshuffle what I need.


It was good to feel valued this past week, something I have not felt with any of the organizations with whom I’m currently working, in a very long time.


I’m also not getting enough solitude, and that is negatively affecting both the quality and quantity of my writing. That’s not acceptable on any level. The writing comes first. Always.


Time to get back to work, get things done, and make necessary changes.





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Sat. Sept. 12, 2015: Preparing for Vacation

Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015
Dark Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

The weight of yesterday was obvious, but it was also helpful to share it. That Budweiser commercial, the one only shown once after the event, gets me every time.

Work was fine. I got a lot done, in preparation for being gone for a week. Everything is set, as far as I can tell, so I’m not leaving anyone holding the bag.

I’m also missing two Board meetings — one would be my last as Secretary of the Writers Center Board, and the other is the Marine Life Center Board. First meeting I missed in my term for both of them, so I refuse to feel guilty. Especially since I prepared notes/did homework/voiced opinions in anticipation of agenda items.

I got frustrated with Amazon yesterday — I’m supposed to be able to use the Coursera app on the Kindle Fire, but it won’t download (it tells me there’s a geographic problem, although the US has designated permissions), and support/customer service was polite, but unhelpful. They’ve just gotten so big, they are no longer interested in solving customer service issues. I’ve got the app on my phone, but it would be easier to work on the Kindle.

“Unethical Decision Making in Organizations” starts next week, out of the University of Lausanne. Looking forward to it.

Dashed home — we had guests up from CT on their way to a wedding. They had to leave just a few minutes after I got back from work. It was lovely to see them again, and the cats had kept everyone busy. Now that Violet is feeling better, she is being demanding! It was funny, though.

After dinner, Part 2 of the 9/11 remembrances, and we could feel some of the grief lifting. We’ll never get over it, but we’re learning to live with it, and perhaps being together really does help.

It will also inform the writing.

I’m watching the second season of SIX FEET UNDER and thoroughly enjoying it. I’d forgotten how much fun that show is.

Packing and prepping for the trip. I’m working until mid-afternoon today, and I want to make sure my desk is CLEAR before I go. I miss Village Day tomorrow, but I worked it last year. Again, I refuse to feel guilty. I’ve earned this time, and I’m using it, free and clear.

In preparation for Kripalu, I upped the yoga practice, doing a full hour now in the morning and at night. I don’t want to be completely out of shape when I get there — although I should probably have started doing this about a month ago! 😉

I’m packing a handful of writing projects, so I can go with whatever moves me the most in the moment — and hope I don’t get too many new inspirations. Or, if I do, that they are for short stories and not novels!

I’ve got a book proposal to send off before I leave, and maybe get out a short story.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be online next week — I’m tempted to blog “from the road”, but I’m also tempted to be completely disconnected.

Have a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful week!


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Fri. Sept. 11, 2015: 14 Years — Change and Changes

Friday, September 11, 2015
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Rainy and cooler

The 14th Anniversary of 9/11. There’s always a struggle to balance the need to build new memories connected to the day and to keep it sacred – at least for me. At this point, I still don’t want to do anything other than be in quiet remembrance. I have no problem with other people doing whatever it is they need to do in their lives. What I do have a problem with is people trying to make ME do what THEY think I should do.

The weather took a turn for the worse yesterday, but it was actually a good thing, because we needed the rain.

Home, tried to rest up. Part 1 of the Sept. 11 honoring ceremonies was last night. Most of us didn’t know each other when it happened, but have met since, and thought it might make more sense to try remembrance together instead of separately.

Up early, finished cleaning. We have company visiting for just a couple of hours early this evening from CT, and then the second of the ceremonies.

The levels of exhaustion I’m fighting are immense. I need next week to figure out what I need to adjust so I don’t feel so beaten down all the time. I left New York for a slower pace and a better quality of life. The people around me live at a slower pace, but expect me to pick up the slack, and, um, no. Not unless you’re paying me a boatload of money.

There are involvements I need to leave behind; the thought of separation with some of them makes me sad, but, in the long run, for my own well-being, it’s necessary.

Dearly looking forward to next week’s vacation. I need it even more desperately now than I did in May. May didn’t wind up being what I needed, so I need to make sure this coming week is.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Thurs. Sept. 10, 2015: Gathering Material, Migraines, and Accidents

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Rainy and humid

Yesterday was a busy, but okay day. Just tried to keep a steady pace to get things done. Deadlines rearranged, an author event, the usual.

Finishing up the house cleaning – people visiting from NY and CT over the next few days, and we want things to look nice!

Violet is a little better—I’m convinced it’s a food allergy, like it was with Iris, only a different type of food, so I have to figure out what that is, and we’re working to eliminate and add things one at a time.

Trying to wind up the last loose ends with the Writers Center – what would have been my final Board meeting with them is next week, but I’ll be away, so I’m winding up the minutes and whatever else has to be done.

Home, exhausted, and tried to catch up on some stuff, and do more cleaning.

Watched some of season 2 of ENDEAVOR.

Started putting together things for the trip. My goal is to have some solid introspective time and figure things out with out falling into narcissistic naval-gazing.

Haven’t been happy with the quality of the writing the last few days, although I think I’m going to get there in the end. I’m figuring out some things that will need to be honed, but I need to do this in order to get where I need to be. It’s not wasted; just explored in a more roundabout way than I’d like.

Woke up with a migraine, which got steadily worse throughout the day. I had to open up at work, then head out to a meeting. On my way to work, I witnessed an horrific accident – I didn’t see the start of it, but I saw an SUV hit a tree, and the large tree limb fall off and smash through the windshield.

I didn’t have my phone with me, so I drove to the satellite police station – and found it closed. What the . . .? Closed? At eight o’clock in the morning? Not acceptable.

I called from work, but it had already been called in. I’m afraid to read the paper tomorrow.

Went to my meeting, took a lot of notes, refrained from rolling my eyes a few times. Something that was Big Drama in the spring, where I was chastised for not updating dozens of records fast enough to suit someone – now isn’t even going to be done anymore. So next time there’s a hissy drama queen fit – not going to take it to heart. Done. I have no time for that.

It will, however, be great fun to satirize in a story sometime! It definitely wasn’t wasted time. It was “gathering material”, no matter what my personal opinion of the whole situation is! 😉

Long day at work today, and then visitors tonight and two sets tomorrow night. Some of us are getting together in memory of 9/11 – instead of all trying to get through it individually, we’re seeing how it works to do it together.

Tomorrow may well be difficult, but we’ll just get through it, one minute at a time. I understand that others want to get life moving again, and want to build fresh, new positive memories on the day. Go for it. They also need to understand that it is a solemn day for me, and I need to mark it as is healthiest for me.

I’m reading a book that’s making me roll my eyes very often (for the wrong reasons) because there’s too much psychobabble crap in it for my taste – and then, every once in awhile, there’s a nugget of something worthwhile. Rather reminds me of composting.


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Wed. Sept. 9, 2015: Writing’s Organic Pace, PhoneFail, and Lack of Energy

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Cloudy and hot

Tough few days. Friday was very difficult. I barely held it together (and sometimes didn’t). But I survived the day, and got home.

Went to bed early. Saturday, I’d do one thing, go back to bed. It was a gorgeous day, and I wish I could have enjoyed it more.

I managed to do some writing, and to get started on a solid fall cleaning, including the living room rug.

I’m playing with a few ideas that take me into a different direction, along with trying to keep up with my regular deadlines. The difference in each piece’s organic internal pace is very interesting, and sometimes the scenes that need the tightest, fastest pacing are the slowest to write.

In the middle of Saturday afternoon, my phone died. Not particularly surprising, considering it’s an Alcatel. It was too late and I was too exhausted to do anything about it on Saturday afternoon.

So, I went to Best Buy on Sunday. They were perfectly pleasant, but, as usual, unhelpful. They sent me over to T Mobile, my carrier. T Mobile was also unhelpful — and, had I bought a new phone from them, they would not have honored the fact that I just paid for the month’s plan, and made me buy it again. The phone, of course, was two months out of warranty — in other words, built to fail.

T Mobile sent me back to Best Buy, where I bought an inexpensive BLU phone that I can use with multiple carriers. I’d planned to dump T Mobile at the beginning of October anyway, and with this phone, I can keep this month’s paid-for plan, and then switch over next month.

Of course, all the photos I took in the past year are lost, as are all my contacts. So much for “tech assistance”. There was an issue with reading the SIM card at first — and I figured it out, not the so-called technicians. In any scenario where I am the most tech-savvy person in the room, we are in big trouble.

Not happy with Alcatel, not happy with T Mobile, not as happy as I could be with Best Buy, although they helped me put a Band-Aid on the situation.

Also, lost a half a day that was supposed to be for writing, which REALLY makes me unhappy.

I resent having to have a phone in the first place — I LOATHE the phone — and I hate the fact that the whole mobile phone industry is, basically, a giant scam.

I do like the new phone, though. It’s much crisper than the other phone, and, so far, runs much, much better. So, we’ll see.

I mowed the terraced back on Saturday, and got the front mowed yesterday. It was too hot Sunday and Monday to really do much. I also started cutting back what needs to be cut back in preparation for autumn, and yanked out some stuff that planted itself where I didn’t want it. Basically, tidying things up. The grass is brown and crisp, since I don’t have a sprinkler system, nor do I use chemicals or rolls of sod. I’ll put down some fertilizer soon, and then some grass seed.

Got some writing and reading done on Monday; a bit of cleaning. Tried to rest up, but I’m just not getting back my energy.

Unhappy that I’m being thrown under the bus on one project when someone else fucked up, but that’s life. Concerned about the direction of another project.

Violet still isn’t healthy. She was better over the weekend, and then worse again yesterday — because she got into Tessa’s food. I’m worried about her.

This will be a very long week, and I simply don’t feel I have the resources for it.


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Fri. Sept. 4, 2015: Hanging on by a Thread

Friday, September 04, 2015
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Survived yesterday afternoon. Went home and tried to get some rest.

Someone who missed a deadline is trying to blame me for the consequences, and I’m not accepting a cow pattie in the face. I did what I was supposed to do, within the time frame necessary. The other person dropped the ball, and I will not accept the blame.

In another situation, someone is behaving like a narcissist, causing more work for everyone else, and expecting sympathy and accommodation. Everyone else can provide; I will not. The behavior’s been enabled as long as I’ve known the parties involved, I’ve watched it get worse every time it’s been enabled, and I won’t add to it. Grow up.

Have a few things to do on an upcoming event, plenty to do at work today, and then I have a few days off. I’m cooked, and it will be a miracle if I make it through the day without either blowing up or melting down.


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Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015: Just Trying to Avoid Stupid

Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Yesterday was a busy day at work, but a good one, in spite of a useless meeting in the afternoon, and the fact that we’re all so exhausted, we’re just trying to stay upright.

Home, spent some time on the deck with my martini, dinner, am watching the first season of SIX FEET UNDER. I’d watched it when it ran, but I’m now watching everything in order. Very clever. Also fun to see some of the actors I worked with, both off-Broadway and in television, in the show.

Up early this morning, got some editing done, and headed over to the Bourne Library for a Commonwealth eBook Training. Some good information, some frustrations, still. I’m very excited by Biblioboard and the unusual, quirky things one can find in there.

Reading Claire Cook’s WALLFLOWER IN BLOOM, which is fun.

Finishing up my last few tasks for the Cape Cod Writers Center — I’m stepping off the Board when my term ends this month.

Had a disappointment, which, in retrospect, is winding up to be a blessing in disguise, so I’m getting over it more quickly than I might otherwise. Nothing like dodging a bullet when you didn’t even realize you were in its way.

Working out some other stuff, where the decision makes me sad, but it’s necessary.

If I can just avoid being stupid for the next 26 hours or so, I have a bit of a break. I’m doing a writing/gardening/yoga retreat for a few days, starting tomorrow evening. I think that will be restorative. I don’t want to make decisions when I’m so tired I can’t think logically.

Have a great holiday weekend!


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Wed. Sept. 2, 2015: Trucks, Screenplays, and Tough Decisions

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and hot

Still rather feel like I got run over by a truck.

On the upside, Casino Night was a success. We had a good turnout, people had a great time. The dealers were great, the music mix was great, the Milbilly Margarita was a big hit. So, in spite of the stress going into the night, it was terrific.

I was home by about midnight; up early on Saturday. Managed to survive work, although I wasn’t at my best, and am grateful to my co-workers for picking up the slack. No, I was not hung over — I was careful Friday night!

I had to run some errands, and then went to bed early. Slept for nearly twelve hours, but wasn’t much good on Sunday. The entire month caught up with me. I managed to work on some revisions, but that was about it.

Sunday night, we went to dinner at the home of some friends. Came home and fell into bed. Monday, I got the rented glasses back to Party Cape Cod, went home and was done for the day. Managed a bit of editing, but that was all.

Up early Tuesday. Got some decent writing done in the morning. The furnace guy came to do routine maintenance, and after that, I headed to Buzzards Bay for a strategic planning meeting. It was long, but, hopefully, we got somewhere. A smaller group will meet next week to take the next step.

I’ve been watching ENDEAVOR for the past few days. There’s a lot I like about it — the acting, the writing. Some of the direction is a little heavy-handed, but it certainly makes me want to go back and watch the seasons of MORSE.

Finally realized what the Death card indicated, coming up all last week. Difficult, painful decision, but it had to be made. It will be implemented over the next couple of months, hopefully gently, and the fact it has to be done breaks my heart. But it’s necessary, in the long run, for everyone involved. It also means I have to keep a secret for the next few months, while I wind up some commitments, in order to cause the least harm possible.

No one ever said life was easy.

It will definitely be useful in the writing down the line, but it’s not much fun living it right now.

On the upside, this morning, I did a revision of a screenplay. Made a few internal cuts, but feel good about it. Will put in the changes, do the registration paperwork with the Guild, and out it goes.

Hope your September is starting beautifully, and that it only gets better!


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