Wed. Aug. 26, 2015: Holding to the Writing, In Spite of Chaos

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Cloudy and hot

Busy, busy, busy. I cannot have an August that’s this intense again. It’s too much.

Saturday was okay at work, although three minutes before closing, someone called and wanted us to wait until they arrived to pick up their materials. Um, no. Come back on Monday, when we’re open. When I first started working there, I waited ONCE, when someone said they would be “right there”, and they came 40 minutes later, after running other errands and didn’t even apologize. So, no. I am NOT staying open and waiting until you deign to show up. Plan your time and get there during open hours, just like ANY OTHER BUSINESS. Then, the person said that I should “just leave the side door open” and she’d come in and get the stuff herself. Again, no. I’m not leaving the building unlocked and in danger of theft because you can’t manage your time.

Home, got a few things done, then back to the building in the evening to help the ghost hunters get set up. I didn’t stay for the whole thing, just checked in with them. Looking forward to their findings.

Home, to bed early. Sunday was my weekly Disconnect Day, which was fabulous. I was exhausted, and rested up, puttered around the house. Did some plotting done on a few pieces.

Monday morning, I got the new toner cartridge in the laser printer and got that all set up. I’m supposed to get 2100 pages on the cartridge — heaven. That’s now my manuscript printer.

I wrote the first two chapters of SONGBOUND SISTERS, the book I started at the conference whose opening pages got such a great response. It was about 4500 words, just enough for the day.

I did another read of INSPIRED INCUBATION. The new material holds up well, and it’s on the right track. I still don’t know where I’ll pitch it yet, but it’s a real valentine to my years working in theatre, film, and television production.

Watched the movie MUST LOVE DOGS, which was a lot of fun. Very different from the book, but a lot of fun.

Up early on Tuesday. A meeting was moved earlier, which meant everything else had to be rearranged. Got my post-Mermaid Ball notes out. I wrote another chapter of SONGBOUND SISTERS. I printed out the entire CHARISMA KILLINGS manuscript, so I can take another look at it. The laser printer is so good that I printed out nearly 300 manuscript pages in the time it took to make a cup of tea.

I started another read-through/red pen of COLLABORATIVE BIRTH (the next book after INSPIRED INCUBATION in that series), but had to stop to do a freelance gig to make sure that was all handled before I jumped in the car and headed to Dennis Port for my meeting.

It was in Dennis, where we’re supposed to do an event in October. Nice place. The event space is a little smaller than I expected, but I think we can make it work, as long as we keep it simple. My colleague was a little alarmed by where they are in the construction process, but if they’re not worried at the venue, I’m not worried, and I’ll swing by in mid-September to check on it.

I had some time in between events, so I went over to the Dennis Port Library (which is beautiful) and read for a bit. Nice, light, relaxing space.

I had trouble finding the HobNob event, but, once I got there, it was well worth it. The house was built in 1804, and restored by the current owners, and sits on an acre and a half of land a short walk from the beach. They kept the house’s characters and restored it with love and warmth. Their dogs are pretty adorable, too. The artist who invited us is a ceramic artist who does quite a bit of mask work. It was a small enough group so that everyone got to really TALK to everyone else, and we sat at the beach well after moonrise.

Came back late and fell into bed.

Thunder and lightening upset the cats in the night, so I was up with them a good bit, but still up early and writing before I have to go in to work.

Casino Night is this Friday night, a benefit for the library. I’m hoping for a strong turnout, because it should be a ton of fun.

This will be a long week, work-wise, but, hopefully, by the time I hit my Disconnect Day on Sunday, I’ll be able to rest and regroup.

The writing is getting on a more even keel, too, which makes everything better.


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