Wed. Aug. 5, 2015: Gearing Up for Major Events

Wednesday, August 5, 2015
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Venus Direct (as of Monday)
Sunny and pleasant

We had a few HOT days, but we got through them. I worked Saturday, then came home to celebrate Lammas.

Sunday, ran errands and went grocery shopping. Wrote a bit, but wasn’t happy about it .

Finished both SMOKE AND SHADOWS and SMOKE AND ASHES. Liked them both.

Monday, up and out the door first thing to go to Plymouth to get the car serviced. That was done, and less complicated than I feared. Then, drove all the way out to Eastham to pick up a few things for a Mermaid Ball package, and back running some other errands, including looking at fabric for my Mermaid Ball gown. There is only one fabric store in the area that goes beyond quilting fabrics — and everything it had was so awful that: A) I wouldn’t put it next to my skin and B) the patterns were so ugly, I wouldn’t wear it.

Again, everything I wrote was useless, and will have to be thrown out.

Tuesday, headed over to the Marine Life Center to drop off various auction item packages, then went on a hunt for my Mermaid Ball dress. Found it at the first stop — a lovely, heather blue satin, very simple, but nice. Then headed to Wareham Crossing to run some errands at Target, Lowe’s, etc., and also found the perfect shoes at DSW (sparkly heels that make my legs look awesome), and the makings of my mask.

I started work on the mask yesterday — I have one “trial” and then, when part of it works on the trial mask, I do it on the real one.

Bad writing weekend — NOTHING I wrote can be kept, which is a shame. Yes, I needed to write it to get where I need to go, but with my deadlines and the conference, the ball, and casino night all coming up, I’m frantic.

Today will be a long day, but, hopefully a good one. It will be long, busy week, but hopefully a productive one.


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