Wed. July 22: The Butterly Girl

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

The writing’s taken a hit, due to the injured shoulder. I can’t type for long before it gets very uncomfortable, and writing longhand is frustrating (because of the injury — I usually love to write in longhand).

Worked Saturday; came home and tried to rest. Sunday, I should have run errands and I just had no energy. Tidied up the house Sunday, as much as I could one-armed, and baked drop cookies for Christmas in July. Rearranged some things in my office on Monday morning — Monday afternoon was the rental inspection, which takes all of ten minutes, because I have a good landlord. I had some help with the rearranging, since I was limited. The office feels much better — lighter and more roomy. I still have to sort through a lot of junk, get more file folders, and purge quite a bit, but at least I have a clean workspace.

The original anti-inflammatory I was on made it impossible to keep food down, so I’ve been switched to Naproxin. Not only can I eat again (although I don’t have much of an appetite), but it works more efficiently.

I have ideas for a couple of pieces for which I need to write scenarios/outlines. Not sure yet if they are prose or scripts. I have a feeling, initially, I might do them as scripts and then adapt them.

Tuesday morning, I was out the door by 7 AM for the National Marine Life Center Board Meeting. We got a lot done, including possibly adding an extra fundraising event in October. That means Mermaid Ball in August, this extra event in October, and Spectacle of the Trees in December. Pretty full roster.

Felt awful by the time I came home; it took awhile for the switched drug to kick in; once it did, I felt pretty good.

Evening board meeting was for the Writers Center, which also went well, although we didn’t have a quorum.

On the way home, on my street, there was a little girl wearing fairy wings, riding a tricycle, with her dad walking beside her. I told her she looked great; she said, “I’m the Butterfly Girl. Butterflies are very important for the en-vy-o-ment, you know. People should plant gardens so butterflies can come and play.” I told her she was right, and listed all the plants I have that butterflies like. She suggested I add milk thistle and bee balm, and I thanked her. Her dad was partly mortified, but mostly proud. It was so cute!

Home, martini on the deck, dinner, some reading, but early to bed. Being injured is exhausting.

Today will be a long day — the library is technically closed for painting, but I’m sure we will have plenty of patrons who will ignore it and be rude.



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