Wed. May 6, 2015: A Bad Start

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Waning Moon

Saturn Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde

Cloudy and mild


Busy few days, but it feels good not to be under pressing deadlines.

Saturday, I was exhausted after work. Sat on the deck with the first martini of the season to recover.

Sunday was about yard work, reading, and packing. And spring cleaning. Lots of scrubbing and laundry and rearranging things.

Monday was for errands, including taking the leaves to the dump, picking up mulch, and starting to mulch the beds. I managed to clean up and get to my friend, Trisha Leaver’s book launch at Sturgis, for THE SECRETS WE KEEP. It’s a fantastic book, and I’m so happy for her.

Tuesday was about more yard work, more mulching, and doing things like re-upping Triple A. Lots of cooking all weekend, too, including roasting a chicken on Tuesday night.

I’ve given myself the week off from writing. I know, on my vacation, I’ll WANT to write, and I’ve been on a tight schedule these past weeks, between radio and short stories and the contest. If I want to write this week, I will, but I’m giving myself the time off, should I wish it. Right now, I wish it.

Today will be a long day at work, and tomorrow, even longer, because it’s our big fundraiser, Welcome Spring. Then, I’m working Friday and Saturday.

I’m reading Kerry Greenwood’s Corinna Chapman mysteries. There’s a lot I like about them, but all the napping the characters do irritates the hell out of me. They do one thing, have one conversation, work for a handful of hours — and nap. Hey, how many DECADES of one to three hours of sleep a night have I lived on? How many ten-out-of-twelves in production, and how many eighteen-hour -plus days working on film and television sets? No naps. Even if I’m up at four or five in the morning to write before going to work — I don’t get to nap. I WORK the whole damn day.

I wonder if it’s a cultural thing. Here, if you napped that much and weren’t in your nineties, you’d be tested for illness or put on antidepressants.   An actress might be allowed an hour’s nap between matinee and evening performances, but that’s it.

When someone’s life is at stake, you don’t stop everything and take a damn nap.

It’s a minor thing, really, because story and character and relationships and setting and all that is wonderful, but the napping drives me nuts. Granted, on some days, it’s a shorter drive than on others.

My hairdryer caught fire. Fortunately, I smelled the smoke and dropped it in the sink before either my hair or my hand caught fire, but the smoke alarms went off and the cats ran around screaming. Not the best way to start the day.

I plan to be offline then for about ten days, doing precisely what I please. I will come back with photos and stories and lots to tell, but I need the time to recharge.

I will be online for the next handful of days, so I’m sure there will be more to tell between now and then!

I’m looking forward to finishing the draft of the play during the offline time, and working on the draft of the hour-long television pilot. And, I’ve been working on something else, where the characters spoke strongly, so I’m writing my way into it. I’m not sure, structurally, on one particular plot point, but my characters are insisting, and I have to trust that they know more than I do.


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  1. Have a great vacation. Although it sounds like some of your characters are going to make you work anyway.

  2. Enjoy the respite. Sounds like a wonderful plan to recharge. 🙂

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