Fri. Dec. 19, 2014: Flat Out Busy

Friday, December 19, 2014
Dark Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Busy day at the library yesterday, including working on a 3000 piece mailing that has to go out. Worked on programming; we were short staffed, so I spent a lot of time on the desk. It was Patron Appreciation Day, so we had a nice spread. One patron came in to thank me for teaching him how to use the Kindle — he absolutely loves it. Another came in — he wasn’t sure I’d remember him — I turned him on to my favorite Icelandic mystery writer, and he’s thoroughly enjoying him. We also had an author come flying in, berating us for not having her author table set up for her signing, and why did she have to carry in her books by herself? Turned out she was at the wrong library. At first, she was sure WE were the ones who screwed up, but I told her that if she was booked at this library, I was the one who would book her, and I hadn’t. She was embarrassed and then frantic, because she had no idea where she was supposed to be and hadn’t written the name of the library in her date book. So, I did a search of Cape Cod events online and discovered where she was supposed to be, calmed her down, and off she went. A day in the life, right?

Came home, exhausted. Cooked dinner. Baked three batches of oatmeal lace cookies with currants, and one batch of cupcakes. Collapsed into bed. Still suffering from the Cape Cod Crud we all have, although I’m not contagious any more (stayed home while I was). But it’s irritating and just lingers.

Up early today, finishing up some work, and then I have another training session in Hyannis. We’re going to try to get as much of the mailing done as possible today, so that tomorrow is mainly counting and sending. I have a party to attend off-Cape — I have to get directions.

Tomorrow is my Saturday “on” at the library, and our holiday staff/volunteer party. Then, I’m not back in the library until Boxing Day. I’m looking forward to the break.

Sunday is the Solstice — looking forward to the celebration. The moon will have just turned to new (new beginnings) and Saturn (life lessons) will have gone direct. This Saturn retrograde SUCKED. I keep thinking I’ve sorted out what I was supposed to learn from the previous retrograde, and then get smacked with something new.

I do hope I can sleep in on Sunday. I need to finish baking, and then I’m doing deliveries on Sunday and Monday of my cookie platters. I also have to take my mother to a specialist on Monday. AND write my cards this weekend.

Somehow, it will all get done.

I want to get the bulk of the Burns/Woolf tribute script written this coming week, so I can start thinking about who I want to ask to read.

I’ve also been in contact with a company in Ireland — I might write a drama for Irish radio after the first of the year, which would be fun.

Have a wonderful time, everyone! The questions for GDR are up over on the Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions site — hope you find them useful.

Blessed Solstice, Happy Hannukah, and Merry Christmas!


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