Fri. Nov. 28, 2014: Back to Work After A Good Day

Friday, November 28, 2014
Waxing Moon
Snowy and cold

Wednesday was a rough day. Came home feeling very blue.

The weather was vile. I was grateful not to be on the road. We didn’t go to Maine for Thanksgiving this year — it was just too much.

Watched a documentary about Great Houses in the UK at night. I’d hoped for history, etc., but it was mostly aristocracy whining about the grand old days.

Read, researched.

Up early on Thursday. Stuffing made, turkey in the oven, the rest of the food prepared. We had a lovely meal at home, just immediate family. I wasn’t exhausted and just trying to get through it, for the first time in years.

Read, rested, figured out this and that for THE RED WIDOW. Dissecting a particular author’s books right now for structure.

Wrote RED WIDOW this morning. Feels good to get back in the groove.

I’m sure it will be a busy day today. Tomorrow’s my Saturday “off” — I have a lot to do, including decorating and starting the overseas cards, which have to go out by Monday in order to get to Europe in time for the holidays. Monday, I’m helping decorate the Marine Life Center tree for Spectacle of the Trees, and Tuesday, there are several things I may need to do — one of them involves going out of town, if the weather holds. Next week, in general, will be very busy — my long week at work, plus various events in the evening.

I am not ready for the holiday season, but I’m hoping that decorating and writing cards will get me in the spirit!

And I’m hoping to get a lot of writing done.

Have a great weekend.


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