Wed. Nov. 26, 2014: Almost Thanksgiving!

Wed. Nov. 26, 2014

Waxing Moon

Stormy and cold


Busy few days. Friday was challenging at work, to say the least. Came home and started cooking for my friend’s book launch the next day.

Up early on Saturday, cooked for the party. Dashed up to the West Barnstable Community Center, where the Cape Cod Woodturners were doing a demonstration. They were with the library during Village Day, and I wanted to support them. I talked to them, watched some demonstrations, and bought a lovely, small, walnut bowl. It was a first sale for a new member. So we were all delighted.

Finished the cooking and packing, loaded the car, and drove to the library. Helped decorate for the launch and set out the food. It was an excellent turn-out, about 70 people, and they bought books. It was Trisha Leaver’s launch of her book CREED. The woman representing Titcomb’s Bookshop was delightful. There were lots of good conversations. I think Trisha had fun — she could relax and celebrate with family and friends, after all the professional appearances she’d done for the book. I’m glad we could give her a good day.

Came home, had dinner, read.

Up early Sunday. It was a day off, in that I did stuff around the house and read a lot. Did some research for upcoming books. Did some work on INITIATE. Figured out where I went so far wrong on THE RED WIDOW, so now I can fix it. I needed to write all that exposition I wrote, but now I need to make it what it’s meant to be — an action-filled piece. I think I can do it. I’m thinking of writing the outline for the series arc, so I can sort out which points have to be hit in which books for which pairs of protagonists (since each novella in the series has a different set of central protagonists, who are supporting characters in the rest of the books). It’s a structural challenge, but I think I’m up to it, if I roll up my sleeves and do the work. Just means it’s not a quick thing I can dash off for the publisher, since BALTHAZAAR is taking longer than I thought.

I went to Centerville library to send off some stuff, but the internet was down. Came home and the power was down. In spite of that, I had a fabulous writing day. I prepared two submission packages, and nearly finished a third.

Watched THE 39 STEPS, the 2012 remake, in the evening, my “homework” for the Masterpiece Book and Film Club. Realized I’d watched it when it first came out.

Up early yesterday; another good yoga session. Finished the third submission package, and went to Centerville library to send them all out. Three submission packages gone; hopefully, they will all hit true and some contracts will come my way in a few weeks; now I have to focus on finishing BALTAHAZAAR TREASURE, THE RED WIDOW, and drafting INITIATE.

Also sent off one of the plays someone is considering producing. I should write a serious play, but I had an idea for something comic that I might play with.

Spent a good portion of the rest of the day doing yard work. We have a big storm coming in, and we wanted to get as much of it done as possible. Furniture is oiled and brought inside. Front yard and part of no-man’s land are now raked and the leaves brought to the dump. As snow melts and things dry out over the next few weeks, I’ll finish the rest of it. Unfortunately, on most of my days off, it’s rained, and I haven’t been able to do any yard work.

It was so weird outside yesterday — in the sixties, temperature-wise, but this oppressive atmosphere. I could feel the incoming storm in my skin, which is the weirdest feeling, and very uncomfortable. It was very different from the usual incoming storm sensations. This morning, I’m just back to my usual pre-storm headache. It’s kind of raining, but once it really starts storming, the headache will ease.

Need to write the next Bronwyn story (she’s my protag in “Lake Justice”). I have the opening and a basic sense of the plot, but need to flesh it out. Needs to be in the 20K range, which takes a bit of doing. But my editor wants more from this character.

The dilemma is always, do I do 1K on a variety of projects, moving between them, making slow but steady progress? Or do I focus fully on one at a time? Sometimes one way works best for me, sometimes another.

The point is to keep at it and GET IT DONE, no matter what other distractions are around.

I’ve spent too many weeks lately dithering, and the job stress hasn’t helped. This weekend, along with all the decorating and card writing and regular writing I’m doing, I am going to figure out the GDR questions for next year and then start writing my next one, three, and five year plans.

Have a wonderful holiday. Safe travel!


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  1. Happy holidays, my friend!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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