Thurs. Nov. 20, 2014: Preparing for New Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Day before Dark Moon
Windy and cold

Very busy the last few days, but what isn’t, coming in to the holidays?

Last Saturday, a colleague needed to switch with me for the Saturday “on” at the library, so I worked. Which was fine, except I was in terrible pain again. Fortunately, I think I’ve figured out the root cause; now I just have to work to solve it.

We dashed out to Yarmouth to a couple of stores and got the holiday cards we wanted. We’re going to write the overseas cards the weekend after Thanksgiving and get them out December 1. In NY, we mailed overseas cards on the 12th and domestic by the 15th, and they’d get there. But here, the overseas cards take much longer, for whatever reason (even though the rates have gone WAAAAY up). So we’ll get them out by the first, and, if we’re lucky, maybe they’ll hit by Valentine’s Day.

Baked the lemon cakes for Taste of the Mills that night. Up early on Sunday. Worked my way through a lot of research books. Wrote. Ran some errands.

Worked Taste of the Mills. Community suppers aren’t really my thing, but, to my surprise, I enjoyed myself. I got to talk to a lot of people; I helped set up and clean up, and I floated during the event, making sure the servers had what they needed for the eaters. There were plenty of pleasantries-in-passing, but I also managed a couple of in-depth conversations with some interesting people. So it was all good.

Monday, I was seriously under the weather. I read and wrote, but didn’t get much else done, and had to pull out of a commitment that evening. Tuesday, I was up early, early, and off to the ferry. Made the 8:15 ferry. Wrote on the ferry – I have to say, I LOVE writing on the ferry.

My friend picked me up at Vineyard Haven, and we spent the day touring all six of the Martha’s Vineyard libraries. They are fantastic! Each one has a unique, wonderful personality. The staffs are terrific. Their ideas are wonderful. Their commitment is wonderful. The energy, everything, was just great. It was a beautiful autumn day – it was a truly happy, happy day on many levels. I do want to do more over there – whether it’s partnering with libraries on programs or expanding the Writers’ Center Reach out there or sometimes just taking the ferry over and finding a place to write for awhile.

It gets me thinking and re-thinking. I’m getting ready to post the questions for the upcoming cycle of Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions. I have a lot to think about for the coming cycle, and decisions to make in the next year. I am entering my fifth year here on the Cape, and I have to make some long-term decisions about where I want my writing life to go in the next one, three, and five years, and where I want the rest of my life to go. I have to ask myself some difficult questions and come up with honest answers. It’s a positive, not a negative thing, and the experiences I’ve had since I moved here are part of what motivates these questions and these decisions. I have to see where my fantasy of living on the Cape and the reality merge and where they diverge. I have to decide how that fits into what I want and need in my life, and start working from there. I have to make sure things are moving forward in a balanced way – it’ll never be ALWAYS balanced, but I have to make sure that there’s a certain amount of stability and continuity in order for the writing to thrive.

Tuesday night, I read and wrote. I’ve been watching THE MURDOCH MYSTERIES, which I like, but I expected to love, and didn’t. I also did my homework for the Masterpiece Book and Film Club – Evelyn Waugh’s A HANDFUL OF DUST. I liked SCOOP and THE LOVED ONES, but, as effective and disturbing as this book was, I can’t say I LIKED it.

Wednesday, I went in early, got a bit done, then headed off to Sturgis Library for a reference committee meeting. I LOVE their genealogy room and their maritime collection room. When I go back to researching the whaling mysteries, I want to do a good deal of research and writing IN the space.

My mom and I switched off on the car – -she had something to do, and I was back at the library. Book and Film club in the afternoon, and processing some more books. Working on programming and ideas/information to help with the grants we want to land so that we CAN expand the programming. Following up on conversations had on the Vineyard.

Dashed home in the evening, microwaved something quick to eat, then headed BACK to Sturgis, because my friend Trisha Leaver was part of a YA panel, along with four other writers. The writers were all really good and it was an interesting discussion. I hope we can do some events with them here at our library, too. Trisha’s book launch is on Saturday, so we’re also finalizing details.

After the event, three of us went to Amari for drinks and snacks and discussion. Again, I’m starting to articulate the issues I need to resolve in the coming months. I thought I’d be all settled, but there’s another wave of growth and change coming. Guess I should be grateful – at least I’m not dead!

Early to the library this morning; called in to an NMLC Board meeting, and short story group’s going on. It will be another busy day, and I have to hit the grocery store on the way home – I’m preparing some of the food for Trisha’s book launch on Saturday, and I want to make sure I’m not scrambling at the last minute.

I hope you’re having a wonderful week, and going in to the holidays isn’t too stressful!

My story “Loyalty Strata” is in the NEW LEGENDS: MERCENARIES, ENGINEERS, and CAPTAINS anthology that drop this weekend at the Miami International Book Fair. It’s my first published steampunk.



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