Sat. Nov. 15: Beautiful Autumn

Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014
Waning Moon
Sunny and cold

I love autumn, in spite of the early darkness. There’s something wonderful about it.

Busy few days – the post I’d scheduled to go up yesterday didn’t, so I’m posting something today.

I watched season two of SLINGS AND ARROWS, and have now started season three. It makes me laugh, and remember my days in rep theatre. It’s a well-done show. Most of my favorite work, lately, is coming out of Canada.

Research, research, research on the books/stories on deadlines and for the grants I’m helping out with for some former professors. I’ve also written some press releases for the library, and some ideas on grants and programming, and gotten out the information for BREAKFAST WITH SANTA, the NMLC fundraiser. Student work and information, and my own work. It means late nights and early mornings to get it all done, but that’s the gig. I’m deep in the plans for my friend’s book launch next week, and preparing for the December programs, and looking ahead to programs well into next spring.

I need to sit down with my 2015 calendar and list of projects/deadlines for my own work, and slot things in. There will be more script work next year, and I have to make sure I stay on top of it all. I’m near the end of the five year plan I had when I left New York, so I have to assess what’s happened, where I am now, and my vision for the next few years. What I’ve experienced since moving here have influenced what I want to do and where I want to go in the next few years, and I have to figure some things out and make some plans.

I’m getting Thanksgiving, the Yuletide season and all the stuff that needs to happen with that, and thinking ahead to what needs to be planned on a personal level in January.

It’ll be a busy weekend – I was supposed to be “off” from the library this Saturday, but switched with a colleague who has to take care of something, and there’s a program, and then I have to run some errands (ran some at 7 AM, too) and bake for tomorrow’s TASTE OF THE MILLS. Monday, I’m in the writing cave most of the day, but I have a Canal Chamber meeting in the evening over the bridge, and Tuesday, I’m on the Vineyard.

Onward! Lots of fun stuff.

Have a great weekend! It is GORGEOUS here!


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