Fri. Oct. 31, 2014: Event, Unexpected Night Chaos, Lead into Samhain

Friday, October 31, 2014
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cool

Yesterday was busy. Steady busy, good busy, but busy. And, of course, the computer system crashed 15 minutes before closing, with patrons who needed to check out books.

Got a lot done, especially on the PR end. Started checking the weeding piles when the system crashed.

Ran down to Saga Fusion for a snack late afternoon – very good restaurant, and they’re very nice. Definitely will get more business from me.

Realized, when I left the library, that I had no change, so I went to the bank to get change. Decided to price all the books for the event at an even $10. Easier all around.

The event itself went well and was fun – I’ll get to that in a bit. I was disappointed in the venue’s attitude. They decided that they weren’t pleased with the number of people who signed up, and washed their hands of it. They refused to set up the room we were in; they didn’t even have anyone on hand to greet us; there were no refreshments. That’s not how you host an event. That’s not how you introduced strangers who don’t know your venue to you. They were not gracious hosts. As someone who’d never been to their center before, it did not leave a good impression; as a potential homebuyer, that particular development is out of the question. They lost a potential customer, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend them to anyone else.

The people who attended were lovely. It was a small group, but they were interested in what we had to say, asked thoughtful questions, and bought books. So it was fine. I enjoyed them, and I feel it was an evening well spent.

Came home, unwound, read for a bit. Had to do some prep for tonight’s ritual.

At 2:22, I was awakened by a huge crash. Tessa had knocked over the table with my crystals and runes, etc. It took an hour to put it all back together. Then I couldn’t sleep. When I finally got to sleep, I dreamed about a group of people in Dickensian costumes. We weren’t back in the time of Dickens, they were just dressed that way. No idea what THAT means. By the time the alarm went off at 6, I was exhausted.

Up, morning routine, but out of the house early. Dropped off the easels we’d used in Sturbridge back at the Writers’ Center, headed in to the library. We’re dressed up and having an event for kids to come and trick or treat this afternoon. Should be fun. I’m wearing my “You Can’t Scare Me, I’m a Librarian” tee shirt from Tee Spring.

Have to go grocery shopping, write a stack of press releases for the Marine Life Center, and finish the draft of THE RED WIDOW this weekend.

Have a great one, all!


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  1. I’m sorry to hear your venue decided to be uncooperative. Have a wonderful weekend!

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