Wed. Oct. 1, 2014: In the Embrace of My book

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Waxing Moon

It was fantastic to have a few days away from work. Friday was busy; Saturday was also busy, and we hosted the wonderful poet and short story writer Charles Coe. He was tremendous and insightful and intelligent and funny and magnificent. We had a small group, because it was a beautiful day, and the people who didn’t come missed out on something wonderful.

Went home, read on the deck for a bit. Wrote. Sunday was all about INITIATE. Between Sunday, Monday, and yesterday, I wrote close to 80 pages (longhand). A lot of it won’t be used, but I needed to figure out threads and work on relationships and see the bigger web so I could figure out what to focus on in the immediate. It was wonderful. Felt so right and good to be working on this.

Did a few errands on Monday, but it was mostly about INITIATE. My reward was that THE MIRADOR, the third Melusine book by Sarah Monette arrived, and I devoured all 400+ pages of it, reading well into the night. I love this series. Can’t put it down. These are books I will re-read over and over again. Tuesday morning, I got my hair cut – she chopped off over a foot of hair! I’m back to short hair. My stylist turns out to have worked for Disney on Ice several years ago. I’m happy to have a theatre person doing my hair!

Grocery shopping, more writing, some reading, and then to the library on Tuesday night. Home after eight, more writing, more reading, started packing for the writers’ retreat this weekend. I know I’ll take the manuscript and some books and some notebooks, etc., but have no idea what I’ll wear. I have to bring something nice for the candlelight supper on Saturday night. I leave straight from work on Friday.

I’ve started the Samhain decorating, although that will take awhile, because I don’t have eight or ten hours to devote to it. And I did 8 loads of laundry, including changing over to our winter slipcovers.

I’m very excited by the prospect of the Historical Writers’ Retreat this weekend – even though the novel I’m writing is High Fantasy. I think I’ll get lots of good ideas, especially for things I can apply to the steampunk Sparkle & Tarnish series. There are some steampunky elements in INITIATE – the society is starting to move towards steam and industry – so it will all be interesting.

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  1. Hope you’re happy with the hair cut and I’ll have to check out the author you mentioned. Blessings!

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