Thurs. Sept. 25, 2014: Precarious Balance

Thursday, September 25, 2014
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cool

Busy day at the library. Hit the ground running. Frustrating meetings, but it also gave me necessary information. That goes into the long-and-short-term bin on several fronts.

Got a bunch of DVDs processed, labelled, and onto the shelf (or into the bin). Hopefully, I can create some new records for a few things today. Did some work on programming and getting this sorted out for the event this Saturday.

A writer friend who booked me to do an event with him on October 30 is also interested in having me join him in an event in Boston on October 23. So I’ll find someone to cover me and do that – that’s during Boston Book Festival, and an opportunity I cannot pass up.

The books I’m eagerly waiting for at home have not arrived yet, so I did some more work when I got home on my own stuff, and got some reading done. Was exhausted (and disappointed, due to several incidents), so went to bed early.

Wound up oversleeping this morning. Didn’t get as much done on INITIATE as I wanted, but roughed out the final scene in more detail. I’m breaking the rules – I’m going to end INITIATE on a cliffhanger. But it’s the right thing to do for this particular book, and I have to trust that.

We’re getting some new shelving at the library today, so I came in and moved a bunch of stuff around. I’m hoping to get some focused work done today, and then get back to INITIATE tonight.

Just trying to get through the next few days of work, because Sunday and Monday are days away, where I will focus on writing and some other things that need to get done. Tuesday, I’m coming in for a few hours in the late afternoon, but that’s fine. I have about another 75 pages in this central section of the book, and then comes the final third. I expect it will run over 100K, but one can get away with that in this genre.


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