Wed. September 24, 2014: Wrenched back into the present

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
New Moon
Sunny and cold

Busy few days. Can I even remember back to Friday? I remember it was busy at the library, and I was completely exhausted by the time I got home.

Saturday was my first day off from the library and other things in quite awhile. I spent most of the day writing INITIATE. I would be perfectly happy to spend the next twenty years writing in that world.

I wrote a bit out of order, because a scene that happens in another section of the book came to me solidly formed, and it informs quite a bit of what leads up to it. It’s an intense and beautiful scene. It’s a first draft, so of course it needs work, but it feels right.

Sunday, I wrote in the early morning, then headed into Hyannis to help out at the Barnstable 375 Town Picnic as part of the seven participating village libraries. We were running the old-fashioned games, and the kids had fun. I’m glad they had fun, but it’s not something I enjoy doing or am good at or what I agreed to do for the event. It was okay, I survived, they had fun, I did my duty, but that was the extent of it. I’m getting really tired of being shoved into situations to which I have not agreed, and, which, in fact, I have said I don’t want to do because people say “it’s for the good of the organization.” It is NOT good for the organization if I am forced into doing something I don’t want or like, and I’m giving up writing time so to do. It is not good for me, either, and I am not going to do it. Period. Further, another organization tried to dump on me something I already said I wouldn’t do, but they figured, what the hey, I’ll step up and clean up the mess AGAIN.

Um, no.

The writing comes FIRST. If you try to cut into my writing time, especially when I told you I’m not going to do something, I AM NOT GOING TO FUCKING DO IT. Because the writing comes FIRST. That is the difference between a professional writer and a hobbyist. I am NOT a hobbyist, and this attitude in this area that anything to do with the arts is supposed to come second to anything else anyone wants is not acceptable. I won’t do it, I won’t tolerate it, too many people are trying to ignore boundaries, and I am no longer going to be polite.


Came home, read and wrote some more, but was tired and frustrated.

Up early on Monday, worked on INITIATE. Also baked for the program at the library. Had to stop in the late morning to do some stuff at the library for the program, then came home, wrote a bit, prepped some more, and headed back to the library to set up the program.

This was the Freedom to Read/Rights and Responsibilities Roundtable. We had a small, but very lively group. We laughed a lot and learned a lot. People who missed it missed a lot, and missed important information.

Home, read a bit. It was the Equinox, so I was busy with that. Up early on Tuesday. Ran some errands. Worked on INITIATE. Broke the 300 page mark on the book. Juggling a lot of plot and character threads – this definitely fits into high fantasy/epic category. But I adore these characters and I’m exploring themes that interest me..

After lunch, headed to the library for an aromatherapy program. It was interesting and fun. I knew some of the information, but also learned more, which is always a good thing.

Went back, sat on the deck for awhile with Tessa, reading and writing. Did some more work on INITIATE at night. Stayed up late reading.

Up early this morning, working on INITIATE. I got in my day’s quota, and I’ll be able to go back to work on it tonight. I considered reading at Cotuit tonight, but I haven’t had time to prepare.

I have a lot of work to do at the library, and sorting through some changes made to the shared computer that frustrate me.

I’m dearly looking forward to the Historical Writers Retreat in a little over a week. This week, I’m at the library six out of seven days, which is a lot. Next week, things should be settling in more normally, and then I have the retreat to look forward to. I need the break.

I also have to figure out who to work on both INITIATE and BALTHAZAAR together, so I can get the latter back on track for my publisher. Since TRACKING MEDUSA is received so well, they want BALTHAZAAR as soon as I can get it done. But it’s hard to move between the worlds of INITIATE and BALTHAZAAR.

The two other books from the Melusine series should arrive this week – I can’t wait. I will dive back into those when I get them. They are luxurious, beautiful, powerful writing.

It’s always a shock to go back to work on a Wednesday morning and takes me awhile to settle in. I also have a program meeting to prepare for in less than a half hour. I worked ahead, mostly, but still . . .things are still fluid, to a certain extent here, and I need more of a routine established – with fewer interruptions.

I hated being wrenched out of the world of INITIATE this morning.


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