Fri. Sept. 12, 2014: Still Sad, but Busy

Friday, September 12, 2014
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Busy morning at the library. Finished cleaning up from the event the night before and getting as much work done as possible before we had to head to Woods Hole. We had a small library roundtable meeting in Woods Hole in the afternoon – it was a lot of fun. The library there is really nice, and we had a lively meeting to discuss ideas and what we’ve found worked and does not work. Great group of people.

Stopped at Pie in the Sky for coffee and a snack on our way home, and then at Mhoney’s to pick up some stuff for the building.

I still couldn’t shake being sad – it was the thirteen anniversary of a very tough day. Each year is different. I was just . . .sad, and trying not to inflict it on anyone else, while at the same time honoring how I felt and not trying to deny it.

Came back to the library and got some work done after hours, and then I was just spent. I’d hit my coping capacity for the day.

Went home, had dinner, went grocery shopping for Saturday’s book club. Came home and washed teapots and did the laundry from Wednesday night’s event.

To bed late. Up early. Got some good work done on INITIATE. Washed cups and saucers fro tomorrow. Should have done the platters first, since they’ll have to be packed first.

Will do the cooking tonight, and finalize my notes. I still haven’t packed for the trip to New York, and I leave on Sunday morning.

Today will be a stressful day; tomorrow will be busy, and then I’m in New York for a few days. Wednesday morning I have a meeting before I head in to work and a full-on day.

Expect the first post next week (which will be mid-week) to be loooong, about the adventures from the trip.

Have a great weekend, all!


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