Wed. Sept. 3, 2014: Stepping into Autumn

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Busy times here. Worked on Saturday. It was a surprisingly busy day for a holiday weekend (considering that often, libraries would take off the entire weekend).

I’m getting caught up on all the stuff that couldn’t get done when I was without a computer for two months and floated from machine to machine. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get everything done this week, but I should be able to make another solid dent.

Don’t even remember what I did Saturday afternoon — maybe I read, or worked on prep for the Cozy Mystery Book Club. Honestly, it seems like it was a long time ago.

Sunday, we were up early. Drove to Providence to put Costume Imp on the bus back to New York, getting ahead of the traffic. On the way back, we hit Target — I hadn’t shopped there in nearly a year. Picked up a few things we needed; headed home.

I wrote for the rest of the day, working on INITIATE. Some of the plot threads I’m doing now, in this middle section, need to be set up earlier in the book, so I went back and did some more inserted scenes. I also started typing what I have. This becomes problematic because it winds up being another draft, and I prefer to finish a draft completely before doing the next one. However, in this particular case, I need to track plot lines and character arcs and how I develop this next draft, along with the inserts, inform how the rest of the middle and the final section of the book will go.

If I remain locked into what I consider “my process”, I sabotage the book. I have to listen to the unique rhythm of this particular book, and do what needs to be done for it to be the best it can be.

Worked on INITIATE all day on Monday, too. Realized that, if I had a month of uninterrupted work time, where I could work all day every day, I could finish the first draft. However, that’s not what I have, so I have to be ferociously protective of the three days per week I can devote entirely to the book, and keep on with my 1K every morning. For this book, 1K/day is not enough. As I go back and read, I can see which sections were only 1K days because they are much choppier than the full days I could spend on the book.

Monday night, I watched IN THE LOOP. Since Peter Capaldi is the new Dr. Who, I ordered some of his previous work for the library, and then checked it out once it was processed (and I was sure there were no holds from other patrons). IN THE LOOP is clever, although you have to pay attention to the huge amounts of dialogue packed into somewhat choppily edited scenes. The acting is superb, thought. Capaldi, in particular, is hilarious and his work has a scalpel-like precision.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day on INITIATE. The book feels good, and feels right. I did some work on the new material, typed up some of the earlier chapters and did some reshaping in ways that affect the second half of the book. I’m into deep world-building here.

Yes, one is supposed to sort all that out BEFORE starting a draft. But I wasn’t sure how different the world needed to be when I started the draft. Now I know, so I’m building, building, building, creating systems and language and money and political and religious structure and traditions and entertainments. The world-building classes I took from Christine Amsden and Karina Fabian continue to come in handy.

Headed to Scusset Beach in the evening for an NMLC seal release. Belmont, the first of the three babies we got in April, went home. Although he needed some coaxing — he came out of the crate, inched out a few dozen feet, looked around, and scuttled back in. It took awhile to convince him the ocean was where he wanted to be. Hopefully, he’ll be okay out there. He’s just a baby after all — although now, he’s a healthy, chubby, seventy-pound one!

Home, watched THE FIFTH ESTATE — again, Peter Capaldi, although Benedict Cumberbatch is the lead. The whole Julian Assange/Wikileaks thing. David Thewlis, another of my favorite actors, is also in it, and Laura Linney, who I dressed in SIGHT UNSEEN off-Broadway years ago. There was a lot I liked about the movie, but it relied too much on Cumberbatch’s detailed, mannered performance. It tried to hard to present information rather than a point of view, so the passion of the characters didn’t quite transcend what was set out as a plotline, but really felt more like a timeline.

I am very cynical about “organizations” such as Wikileaks and Anonymous. If they are actually out for social justice and comprised of these brilliant computer hackers, you know what would gain my respect? Hacking into the banks and credit companies, but NOT to harm the customers (which is what most hackers do). Instead, set everyone’s credit card balance to zero, as paid off, and mark all the illegally-finagled mortgages that got the banks huge profits as paid off, too. That WOULD actually harm the banks and moneylenders and executives who make huge, obscene personal profits from hurting others. That WOULD make those hackers warriors for social and economic justice. But they don’t DO anything that actually helps citizens. In fact, from the acts they commit, I get the impression they have a lot of contempt for the typical citizen. Can’t say I blame them — I’m not fond of “the public” as an entity, either. But they don’t fit my definition as warriors for equality and social justice.

Off to work. I expect a busy day, and then I have both an executive board meeting and a regular board meeting for the Writers Center. I’m sure there will be plenty of email to catch up on, since I was offline for several days. I LIKE being offline for days at a time. I need it for my writing, and that is what I will do, moving forward. I’m not THAT important that anything will crash and burn if I’m out of touch for a few days.

Enjoy September!


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