Mon. Aug. 25, 2014: Surviving the Mermaid Ball

Monday, August 25, 2014
Waning Moon
Sunny and pleasant

Recovering. Slowly.

Friday was a looong day. A 14 hour Mermaid Ball day. We hit the venue (Waverly Oaks in Plymouth) by 10 AM. And they wouldn’t let us unload. They expected us to park in the lots and haul all the lighting equipment and everything else a half a mile to the venue. Even though there was an area perfectly fine in which to unload. But, you know, the GOLFERS might not like to SEE a car with an open hatch. Even though we paid for the venue. I told them what they could do with their golf carts. They’re lucky I didn’t drive my VW right up the stairs and onto the second floor porch.

Unloaded, started setting up. They kept the venue open – even though WE PAID FOR IT – so people were wandering through all day. And the golfers made sexually inappropriate comments – not necessarily to directly to us or the female interns, but loud enough for us to hear. Hmm, let’s see, if you’re such a strapping ,virile man you wouldn’t need to spend your spare time swinging around an oversized phallic symbol. Just sayin’.

Lunch was not brought in as had been promised to those of us working the 14 hour day. So, if we were half dead on our feet, we had to pay the overpriced clubhouse rates in order to eat. Not acceptable. On top of that, the banquet manager claimed not to know we were bringing in lighting equipment or needed the shower facilities. Which was complete and utter bullshit, because I was in on that conversation AND I HAVE THE NOTES.

We managed to get dressed – I wasn’t about to take an ice cold shower, so I settled for a whore’s bath in the women’s restroom sink. Dressed, got my hair and make-up done.

The ball itself went well. The venue was beautiful. The food was good. People had a good time. Hopefully, they spent lots of money.

I’d set up the packing room so that, as soon as auction sections closed, we could pack and wrap and everything would be ready for pick up. Of course, the banquet manager and the staff took over our packing room, moved everything, and left the table dirty and sticky, which would have damaged the auction items. All she had to say, at any point in the day was that the staff was going to use a table in the room for their dinner break AND I WOULD HAVE SET ONE UP. But to just come in and move what was obviously a careful set up and then leave the space dirty – not acceptable.

Packing went all right, although there were a few flurries. Load out wasn’t too bad, but we were tired. We got home at 12:30 – not 2 AM, which I expected. We collapsed into bed.

Costume Imp slept until 6:30 PM on Saturday. I was up early, fed the cats, went back to bed at 10:30, got up at 1. Too tired to eat, so ordered in food from Pizza Wave. Read a bit, but that was all I was up for.

I got up early on Sunday. Wrote about nine pages on INITIATE. Costume Imp got up in the late morning, we had eggs benedict, then headed to Heritage Gardens, which was lovely. Spent the afternoon reading on the deck.

This morning, up early. My day’s quota on INITIATE. Dropped off Heritage Garden pass at the library, and about to drop off the borrowed easels at the writer’s center. Later, we’ll head to Cape Cod Lavender Farm. Maybe get some more work done in INITIATE.

Glad the events for August are over. Can’t wait for a quiet Labor Day weekend.

Silly season is almost over! Woo-hoo!

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  1. Is there any recourse you may take because of all the issues? Best wishes for a nice week.

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