Wed. Aug. 20, 2014: You’d Think Mercury Was Retrograde

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cool

You’d think Mercury was retrograde, the way things have been going!

To add to yesterday’s post: Someone emailed me to ask me if I defined myself as a “good person.” No, I do not. I am good AT certain things, I try to cause as little harm as possible — unless you hurt someone I care about, then I will respond strongly. I try to remain true to my beliefs and walk my talk — and don’t always get there. I try to weigh as many points of view when I don’t have the information, when proven wrong, I try to adjust, and I often fall short of my expectations for myself. So, no, I do not define myself as “good”, certainly not on the level that’s set as a standard when most people talk about what we’re trying to work towards on a spiritual level. I don’t define myself as “bad”, either — although I make mistakes, I try to make right the wrongs I do, and I definitely don’t behave the way others want me to behave, or respond the way that’s expected. Hopefully, I’m not “mediocre” either — that would be worse than either extreme.

I try not to define myself at all, although I do believe that I am a work in progress, the way my books are. I’m constantly trying to get to the core of emotional truths. We each have our own truths. The agreed-upon truths amongst a group is how we manage to live in groups.

But, no, I do not define myself as “good” in the way it’s bandied about, nor do I believe I am “better” than people around me. Different, yes. Better — no. I may be better at certain skills, but everyone has such strengths and weaknesses.

Speaking of which — yesterday. Wrote a bit in the morning, worked on pulling things for today’s workshop. Costume Imp was supposed to be on a noon bus from New York, but there was a problem with the NYC subway and he was stuck at 14th St. He missed the bus. He had to rebook and re-pay to get on the 2:45 bus, which was supposed to get him in to Providence at 7 PM.

I left at 4 PM, and it took me until 5:30 to get as far as Falmouth. He’d only hit New Haven by 6 PM. Get the idea? I managed to hit Providence by 7 PM (and it didn’t even hit back). His bus arrived a little after 8. We bolted back onto the highway — once we were back on I-195, it wasn’t a bad ride back, although by the time we hit Mattapoisset, there was fog.

We stopped in Buzzards Bay for gas, then hit KFC for a late (as in 10 PM) dinner. I ate way too much way too late, and I’m paying for it today!

We were up until midnight pulling costumes for tonight’s workshop and catching up. The visiting dog was all excited (hey, there was chicken involved) and the cats are all in a kerfuffle again, but it was all good.

Up early, worked on INITIATE, got ready for the library. Today will be a long day, but, hopefully, we’ll make people happy with the program tonight.



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