Wed. Aug. 13, 2014: Trying to Get Things Done

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Rainy and cool

I’ve been trying now, for three hours, to get this to actually post, with no luck. The computer keeps eating the post.

Yesterday was busy. Got a lot done on INITIATE. I’ve written 161 pages in longhand since I started work on it two weeks ago. That’s a pretty good pace. There will be a lot of layering and shaping and then cutting, but I’m happy with the themes I explore in the piece. I’m exploring them because they interest me, and I want to see where the searches lead.

Six loads of laundry, trying to catch up from the time at the conference and prep for the Mermaid Ball. So tired I can barely stand up.

Back to the library at 5:30 to help set up for the Michael Blanding event. It was enormous fun, and we had a great time both at the presentation and after. Terrific guy.

Home late, trouble getting to sleep. I’ve been having a series of progressively darker and more intense nightmares over the past few weeks, all on the same theme. I thought they were just anxiety dreams, but there’s something off about them. They are too realistic to be symbolic, if that makes any sense.

Up early. Only got 500 words of INITIATE done. Headed in to work. There were a few people I wanted to slap silly. I’m also frustrated because there’s been another delay in the computer arrival. But I’m trying to get through everything that needs to get done, and follow up on program stuff and prep for today’s program meeting.

I want to support friends doing a library program tonight, but the weather is so bad and the roads are supposedly flooding, so I don’t know if I will get there.

A good night’s sleep, and I’ll be in much better shape. Just not sure when that’s going to happen.


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