Fri. July 18, 2014: Busy and Chaotic

Friday, July 18, 2014

Waning Moon

Saturn Retrograde

Sunny and pleasant


Up at 5 AM yesterday, baking for the NMLC Board meeting.  Discovered making streudel at that hour is not one of my favorite things.

On the road by 7, in Buzzards Bay for the 8 AM Board Meeting.  It was one of the best ones since I’ve been on the Board — we had a good turn out and got a lot done.

Saw the seal pups (who are as cute as can be — all three of them are in the big tank together), and the new, injured girl.  Fingers crossed that we can nurse her back to health.

Got in to work to find we were short-staffed, and that my work computer refused to acknowledge my existence or let me change the password.  Early afternoon, a computer tech guy came in, thinking it would be a five minute fix, and, two hours later, walked out carrying the tower.  There are certain things that can only be done on my computer, so there are plenty of things — like cataloguing — I can’t do until I have it back.  At the same time, new computers have been ordered, so why spend a lot of money getting this one back up when a new computer should arrive any minute and the whole system has to be reconfigured?

Worked the circ desk all afternoon instead — it was busy, and I might as well do something useful, right?  But it’s frustrating.  And I got the hall next door set up for Tango, and oriented the people who are renting it for a sports auction tonight.

Got a lot of compliments on my dress and shoes, though, which was fun — even at Stop & Shop, where I ran after work to pick up butter and coffee.

Cocktails on the deck, cooked dinner, read a bit.  Went to bed early, exhausted.

Planned to be up early this morning to work on BALTHAZAAR TREASURE, but Iris was very sick this morning, so it was all about making sure she was okay and comfortable before I left for work.  I’m actually keeping my phone on at the library today, in case she has to be rushed to the vet.

Someone’s trying to figure out what happened to the copies of TRACKING MEDUSA that were ordered for the signing at the end of June and still haven’t shown up (although they’re paid for).  Hopefully, they will turn up soon.  I need more for the conference bookstore, but I’m hesitant to order them when the first batch hasn’t yet shown up.

Tomorrow is my Saturday “on” at the library, and I also have to do some serious yardwork and some serious writing.  My research books should be arriving — I want to write another chapter of BT and then write the writer’s rough outline, and then get back on track with it.  Meanwhile, I’m going to work on the next Bronwyn Rowan short and figure out the next two installments of “Ramsey Chase”.  I won’t hear back on CHARISMA KILLINGS until, probably, October, so I’ll probably just rough outline the second book for that series (DARK ANNIE’S SECRET), and also get back to work on the ferry girl novel.  I need to make some changes in the new version of the book whose rights I just got back, and prep the second book set in that world.  And I’ve got some script work to do.  Along with all the promotion and the rest.  And I want to finish the story inspired by the Edward Hopper painting and get it to the editor who was interested.

If the technology we paid for would actually work properly, it would make things much easier.  Makes me glad I still do a lot in longhand.


Have a great weekend.





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  1. I’m sad to hear that Iris is unwell. Sending healing thoughts her way.

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