Wed. July 2, 2014: Are You SURE Mercury’s Direct?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny, hot, humid

I was offline yesterday. I needed the break. I decided that, this week, I am only going to write what I WANT to write — the scripts are revised and sent off, the initial round of edits for ELUSIVE PRAYERS is back to my editor, “Severance” dropped. I need a break before getting into the writing/promoting rounds again.

I haven’t had an actual vacation since 2007, and this won’t really be a vacation, as there are other jobs I have to do, but at least it’s a break.

Monday was good — especially, in the evening, when I served as a judge on Milbilly Idol, a singing contest for local kids. The two that won were terrific. Serious talent there, and every single kid who participated worked hard and put in the dedication required. It was a pleasure to participate.

I read a lot on Tuesday, in preparation for the Cozy Mystery Group we hope to start at the library. One was very good, one sucked, and two were mediocre (one had a stupid heroine — who finds the object that people have killed over, is “too tired” to call the police, and then goes out gardening the next morning instead of turning it in? I kept hoping she’d be killed).

Also re-read Elisabeth Elo’s NORTH OF BOSTON (she’ll be speaking here in mid-July). Enjoyed it even more the second time.

Got some mowing done, and worked on a modification of the blue lemonade martini. I’m using the blue raspberry vodka, but now I’m using lime juice and adding real raspberries. It’s very good.

Technical chaos so far at the library this morning, and I’ve got a big stack of stuff to do.

Oh, and because I didn’t HAVE to write today, I wound up writing 2K this morning before I came in to the library.


Have a great week.


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  1. So by not forcing yourself to write- you wrote more? Hoping your day went well!

    • Yup — it gave me the freedom to let it rip.

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