Thurs. June 26, 2014: Busy and Tired of Mercury Retrograde

Thursday, June 26, 2014
Mercury Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Dark Moon
Alternating between sun and rain

Can I just say I am totally over Mercury Retrograde and can’t wait until it goes direct next week?

And it’s not even lunch time and I was ready for a nap by 7:30 this morning?

Yesterday was busy, although it was good busy, punctuated by a minefield of technology problems. Learned how to add new books to the system in the morning, thanks to a colleague over at Cotuit Library. I feel much better about it all now.

Came back, added about a dozen books to the system before I could forget how to do it, set up for the meetings.

Another colleague came and talked to us about graphic novels. Banned Books Week this year focuses on graphic novels, and we want to do something fun in conjunction with it. He was a font of information and help.

Right after that was the Cape Cod Writers Center Executive Committee meeting, which then flowed into the CCWC Board Meeting.

I was too tired to read at Salon of Shorts, not to mention nearly being out of voice, so I went home, cooked dinner, and then revised three more episodes of the Big Script Project.

They went out this morning, in spite of a flurry of power and other tech problems. We’re having a busy, good, if somewhat techno-challenged day at the library.

I was up at 5:30, making deviled eggs for a party I’m going to tonight.

Fingers crossed.

Three more episodes to revise tonight when I’m home from the party, and a sell sheet to come up with.


PS Check out some of the new books we’ve added to the science fiction/fantasy/urban fantasy collection at the library here.

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  1. Looks like a good group of new books! Hope your day finishes well.

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