Mon. June 16, 2014: Press Conference and Busy Weekend

Monday, June 16, 2014
Waning Moon
Mercury Retrograde
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Busy weekend. Friday was a busy day at the library. I managed to get a good bit cleared off my desk, but it was still a bit chaotic. I have a feeling every day at the library has its own intense busy-ness. Most of it is good busy. Most of our patrons are delightful. However, you also have those who consider anyone who works at a library — or probably anywhere –as their own personal servants, and make inappropriate demands. Boundaries are important. As is killing off characters based on them in future fiction.

I also got in a delicious book order for the library — I’m very excited about it. And ordered some Milk Matrix formula for the seal pups at the NMLC.

Came home Friday night and collapsed. It was rainy and nasty. Managed to keep some food down for dinner. Watched the Daniel Radcliffe version of THE WOMAN IN BLACK — quite well done.

I also did a lot of organizing — sorting emails, catching up on receipts, rearranging the files on my laptop, cleaning things up. Necessary, because I have to be so focused and so aware of time constraints in the coming months, that everything has to be cleanly organized, so I don’t waste time trying to hunt stuff down.

Up early on Saturday; it was a lovely day. Spent a good portion of the morning on errands. Put flea and tick medicine on the cats, which wound up being Big Drama. Last year, it was never a big deal, but somehow, between the last application in October and this year’s first one, it’s become An Issue for them. They carry on like I’m trying to murder them or something.

In the afternoon, I headed over to the National Marine Life Center. I worked with the Executive Director on the statement for today’s press conference, and met the three new baby seals. They are so cute. And they know how to play their cuteness. There’s a reason nature makes baby animals adorable. Belmont was so funny — he was exhausted, and fell asleep on the shelf in his tank. His nose would touch the water and he’d jerk awake, and then he’d doze off again. Barclay does the “I’m so shy, but look at me” thing, and little, tiny Rose is a scrapper. She weighs less than Tessa. Considering that, if she survives and thrives, she could be up to 300 pounds when she’s full-grown, that’s pretty tiny for now.

After we finished work, we headed to Onset, to a place called Stonebridge, where we had Blue Lemonade Martinis (raspberry vodka, blue curacao, lemonade) on the deck overlooking the water. It was beautiful. Started pouring down buckets of rain while we were there, and we ducked back inside. Driving home wasn’t too fun in that mess, but it wasn’t even raining by the time I hit mid-Cape.

Re-watched THE AVENGERS again. I do like it better through multiple viewings. I still think that some of the fight scenes could have been trimmed, and, as a New Yorker who lived through 9/11, any movie that depicts an attack on New York is hard for me to watch.

Up early Sunday. It was just a gorgeous day. We did a dump run — household garbage, recycling, yard waste. Came back and got the front and the side yards mowed. Now, only the meadow suffers from Vacant Lot Syndrome.

Brought my work out on the deck and wrote outside most of the day. Worked on the script, but, mostly, wrote seventeen pages on a project that I don’t really know what it is. Which is weird to say, since I wrote a pretty detailed outline of it, and I know the feel, scope, etc. of it. But it’s different than what I usually do, and can’t be easily categorized. It is what it is, it demands attention, and I have to fit it in along with everything else that needs to be done. It feels right, and that’s pretty much all I can say about it. I’m diving deep into emotionally frought territory with these characters, and I really want to do it.

This morning, I have to polish and send off a review to one of my editors (he sent me my next batch of books to review, and they look really, really cool). I have to head to Centerville Library to work for a couple of hours (for me, not for them — if I go to the library where I work, I won’t get anything done–;)). Then back, quite bite to eat, and off to NMLC to set up for the press conference.

Press conferences are always crap shoots. We could have great turn out, we could have lousy turn out. There’s no way of knowing. And if someone does something stupid or nefarious between now and then, we’ll get bumped.

Fingers crossed.

I still feel like crap, but I have to keep going on.


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