Fri. May 30, 2014: Good Busy and Day of Seshat

Friday, May 30, 2014
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool
Day of Seshat

It was 38 degrees around here this morning! The kitchen looks like a jungle, because we brought in the plants.

Today is the Day of Seshat. She’s the Egyptian goddess of books and writing implements. Perfect for a library — and a writer!

Yesterday was busy at the library. Good busy, but busy. Did work on next week’s workshop, worked on the poster/flyer for Ron MacLean’s appearance, my boss landed Joe Finder for an appearance in late July, I did an Amazon order, I prepped an Ingram order, I set up for the evening’s Tango program, I helped out at the desk when necessary, I got some new books into the system and ready to go out onto the shelves, and worked on my new page on the library’s website, where I get to talk about the books, videos, CDs, and programs. I hope you’ll get into the habit of checking out the page here, especially if you live in the area.

Also did some coordinating work with the Writers Center for a program we want to collaborate on in September.

My boss is off to New York today, to BEA. We’ve all given her lists of what we want her to bring back! It was everything I could do to refrain from asking her to go to Chinatown and come back with supplies, too!

So tired when I came home — relaxed with a glass of wine, cooked dinner. Started reading Rebecca Mead’s wonderful new memoir, MY LIFE IN MIDDLEMARCH. One of my favorite lines is on p. 7: “Life happened at the library.” So true!

I’m going to get some writing done this morning before I head back to the library. There’s another busy day there. Then home, more writing and reading — I’ve got another book to finish for review for my editor — and I’ve got to invoice it.

Errands tomorrow, and I have to get some yard work done. Will also get going on the next two episodes of the script, and finish the revisions that have been piling up. I need to get out some press releases and media kits for “Lake Justice” and TRACKING MEDUSA, prep a draft for a press conference NMLC, and get some work done on THE BALTHAZAAR TREASURE. The edits for “Severance” will come in any day now, too.

It’ll be another busy weekend, but the right kind of busy!


Thurs. May 29: Library Programs, Coonamessett Farm, Cotuit Center of the Arts, and Edward Snowden


Thursday, May 29, 2014
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Have you gotten your copy of TRACKING MEDUSA yet? It’s a fun read for the summer. Visit the website for more information here.

Heat’s still kicking on, and it feels more like March than May. My plants are not happy.

Yesterday was tiring, but good. Wrote in the morning. Was at the library a little before ten (technically, I started at ten yesterday).

Good, but busy day at the library, including a programming meeting. The collaboration on programs, I think, will work better than each of us working on our own. I also put in some work on my staff workshop for next week. And decided what I’m going to serve — I’ll bake some cookies, and also do a black bean hummus with some pita bread.

Drove to Coonamessett Farm for the Chamber of Commerce meeting. Okay, so first I went to the INN — which was the wrong place — but they gave me directions to the FARM, which was the right place. It was a Cape Cod Canal Chamber of Commerce networking event, and it was a lot of fun. I represented the National Marine Life Center there, and it was my first time at the Farm, and at a Cape Cod Canal Chamber event. Lots of fun, and we met some great people there. AND the food was outstanding. Kathy and I definitely want to go back for one of their Jamaican nights.

When that was done, I headed back to Cotuit Center for the Arts for their Salon of Shorts readings. It happens the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Center, and people get to read pieces that are under five minutes. The quality last night was very good, and I got to meet a fellow New Yorker who has the same views on approaching the work as I do. I may well read something from WOMEN WITH AN EDGE next month, and then maybe in fall, start working on some flash fiction or monologues to try out.

Home in time to watch the Edward Snowden interview on television. I wanted to hear his side of the story, because I think it’s a difficult situation, all around. The Intelligence Community is in a difficult position — they are trying to prevent another terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11 and there are plenty of people out there who want to see this entire country destroyed. There are many individuals working in intelligence who are smart, dedicated, and work like crazy. I am more distrustful of those making the decisions, in the bureaucracy. Also, as an individual, I am sick and tired of everything lowered to the common denominator, and, every time I want to travel or attend an event, I am treated like a criminal first, and have to prove I’m not. Our justice system is supposedly based on “innocent until proven guilty”, but, in reality, it’s the other way around. If you’re a rich corporate fuck, you get a free pass, no matter how many people you destroy. If you are an individual just trying to live your life, you’re treated like a criminal. It’s more than just “it’s a dangerous world out there and fanatics want us dead” — it’s a layer of socio-economic injustice, too. The corporate fucks who are funneling money and laundering money to the people who want to kill us get a free pass again and again and again, but someone who wants to visit a grandchild across the country has to take off their shoes at the airport and isn’t allowed to bring a bottle of water on the plane.

Further to that, I call bullshit on the whole liquid bomb stuff that they claim is the reason we can’t take water bottles on the plane. Tell the truth — it’s economics. The airlines — who have already made it a nightmare to take a trip with their fees and their rules — don’t want us to take a 99 cent bottle of water on the plane when they can take it away and charge us $4 once we’re past security.

These companies use our fears to make a profit. Cut off the profit — to some of these corporations AND the terrorists — and we’ll all be safer.

I believe Snowden believes he did the right thing. Whether it WAS the right thing or not, I don’t know, but it should make us think twice about protecting our individual freedoms and looking at other ways to stop terrorists — the most effective, I believe, which is cutting off the money, and one of the ways to do that is to have serious consequences for the corporations who are profiting from terrorism and profiting from the so-called War on Terrorism.

On that (cough) happy note, I have a script to finish before I head back the library today.


Wed. May 28, 2014: Scripts and Citronella

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
New Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Rainy and cold

We need the rain, but sheesh! It’s about thirty degrees colder than it should be. Will make it a weird growing season.

Yesterday, I polished and sent off Episode 107 of the Big Script Project. Then, it was time to run errands in Falmouth, which always takes longer than I hope it will. But it was necessary, and I picked up some citronella lamps for the deck — this will be a buggy summer, and I’m going to see if the oil lamps work better than the candles. The tiki torches were cute, but I’m worried about safety — the lamps have much sturdier bases.

Fought a bad migraine all day.

Worked on the revisions for Ep. 105 & 106, and also on Ep. 108 (due tomorrow). Not happy with the ending yet of 108, but I’ll do some more work on that.

Also did some notes for something that’s been pulling at me. It’ll be awhile before I can really focus on it, but at least I’ll get down the bones of it.

If you haven’t yet taken a look at the new website, in honor of the release of TRACKING MEDUSA, I hope you’ll visit it here.

Long day today — library work, including a program meeting, then off to Coonemessett Farm for a Chamber meeting, then back to Cotuit Center for the Arts for Salon of Shorts. And I want to see the Edward Snowden interview. I want his side of the story.

Back to the page, to get in as much as I can before I have to leave for the library.


Tues. May 27, 2014: Deadlines and Migraines


Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Dark Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool

TRACKING MEDUSA has released! It’s available from Amber Quill Press here.

I also set up a website for the Gwen Finnegan mysteries — I still have to upload the media kit and the photographs from the locations, but the bulk of the site is here. I hope you’ll stop by.

I’m excited by this book and this release — I hope you’ll support me by buying the book. I’ve believed in this story for a long time, and glad I found the right home for it.

Busy, busy, busy weekend. Friday was a busy day at the library, and a little chaotic, but everything got done. I was at the library Saturday, too, and got a LOT done, and feel like I’m where I need to be going into this week, as far as everything from the library is concerned.

Over the rest of the weekend, I read, I worked on the Big Script Project, and I got some work done on both the Sparkle & Tarnish series and what used to be POWER OF WORDS series and will now be something else. I dealt with paperwork, got down the winter curtains and put up the summer curtains, did lots of laundry (still have more to do), and got the deck furniture out.

Have to finish and send out Episode 107 today, work on the revisions of 105 & 106, and finish 108 to send out on Thursday.

Also have errands to do in Falmouth, and it would be nice to get some yard work done. Unfortunately, I have a migraine, so I don’t know how much I can actually get done.

Also frustrated because I’m stalled because people are late getting me information I need to complete a few projects. People need to stop whining about “not enough time” and start manning up to not knowing how to manage their time — and then learning how to do it.


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Fri. May 23, 2014: Revving up for the Holiday Weekend

Friday, May 23, 2014
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Busy day. Writing in the morning, then headed to the library, for another busy day there. Wednesdays are always busy, Thursdays are always full of interruptions. That seems to be the rhythm of the place. But we’ll sort it out and settle in. Worked with the volunteers, worked on the newsletter, worked on program stuff, worked on book-related stuff. We moved the new DVDs behind the counter, so we had to do that switch.

I have to finish up the material for the newsletter and the website today, get out my mailing, and figure out another book order.

Before I go, I need to get some writing done on the revised episodes.

This holiday weekend, I work at the library on Saturday, have to do the next two episodes on the Big Script Project, do my cheat sheet for my editor on the sci-fi/western/horror piece, and finish up the work on the TRACKING MEDUSA Facebook page and website. Busy, busy!

And, hopefully, get some yardwork done, read another book for review, and maybe, just maybe — have some fun?

I’m lucky that my work is fun, and I’m having a good time. I’m still settling in to the new schedule, and I’m a little tired, but it’s the good kind of tired.

Watched QUARTET last night. There were many beautiful moments and it was beautifully shot, but I felt it could have delved more deeply into the material. The acting was wonderful, though.

Have a fabulous holiday weekend!


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Thurs. May 22, 2014: The Good Busy

Thursday, May 22, 2014
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Yesterday was busy, but in the right way. Up early, the usual yoga/meditation/writing.
Even managed to do a little yard work, at way too early in the morning.

Managed to get a review out to my editor.

Off to the library, to get things set up, like the paging list, etc. A huge stack of boxes on my desk — incoming orders! Love that!

Dashed out after a half hour to drive to Hyannis to the CLAMS central office for a Reference Committee meeting. Got to meet a bunch of colleagues at other libraries, and we had an impromptu training session on the new Interlibrary loan system that goes into effect in a couple of weeks. I’m not the person who handles that at our library, so I took copious notes and will type it up and go over it with her.

Meeting ran until lunch time — ran back, bolted down my lunch, covered the desk for a bit, got some work done until the staff meeting. Staff meeting was fun — lots of laughter, which is as it should be.

Dashed out a little after five and drove BACK to Hyannis, to Uno’s, for the Cape Cod Writers Center Writers’ Night Out, where I was one of the speakers. Poet Charles Coe was also with us — in addition to his own creative work, he also works with Massachusetts Cultural Council, and was there to talk with us about the Council, and get a sense of what we do. Dinner was good, and I got to catch up with some colleagues on their exciting projects. Then, four of us were on the panel to discuss Writer’s Block. None of us are particularly sympathetic. It was a fun, lively panel.

Home, unwound, worked on the Big Script Project. My beaded tunic, purchased from the Rainforest Site, arrived. It’s even prettier than the photo! So happy.

Up early, the usual routine. Was upset to see that my lilacs are infested with some weird bug. I’m going to have to spray them. The smaller bushes I did, leaf-by-leaf by hand (pretty disgusting), but I can’t do the big bush, and I don’t want to lose it.

I was invited to a networking breakfast this morning, but I would have meant getting up at 4:30 instead of 5:30 to get everything done before I left, and I just couldn’t. I finished the polish on the script and sent it off.

I have to get a lot done at the library today, including getting out a mailing and working on press releases, calendars, stuff for the newsletter, etc. Somehow, it will all get done.

Tonight — more writing!


Wed. May 21, 2014: Iambe, Writings, Meetings, and Writers Night Out

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool
Celebration of Iambe

Today is the celebration of Iambe, the goddess of communication for whom Iambic pentameter was named.

Polished the revision on Episode 104 of the Big Script Project and sent it off, along with Episode 105. Episode 106 (due tomorrow) is in good shape, and I’ll give it a polish tonight and send it off tomorrow morning.

I also finished and printed out the Tip Sheets for tonight’s Writers Night Out, which is about Writer’s Block, and gathered some other useful materials. Went to the grocery store, got gas in the car, mowed the terraced back portion of the lawn (it looks really good now).

Finished a book I read to review. Need to do the review for my editor and get it out. It took me longer than usual. I struggled with it. I see what the author was trying to do, and I don’t think it worked.

The past few days, I’ve been looking at what was originally called POWER OF WORDS, but what I think I will rename CREATIVE UTOPIA. I really like it, and still believe in it. I wonder if my current publisher would take it on. It’s a weird project — I always assumed I’d have to get it out independently.

Fighting both a migraine and back spasms. They’re both winning right now, unfortunately.

I have a long day ahead of me — library, Reference Committee meeting, library, staff meeting, Writers Night Out, polish on the script.

The daily yoga/meditation/first cup of coffee on the deck really help me mentally focus for days like this.

It’s good busy, a feast of great things. I just can’t seem to get over the exhaustion.


Tues. May 20, 2014: Writing, writing, and more writing

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Lost most of the morning dealing with stupid corporate fucks. But it had to be done. The reason they drag their feet and pretend they don’t understand is so you’ll give up your rights. Don’t. Pound them into the ground with the laws and regulations, and hold those responsible for enforcing them accountable.

Once that was out of the way, I could focus on the Big Script Project. Revised the fourth episode, wrote and polished the fifth (due today), started the sixth. Unfortunately, the revisions on the fourth affect the revisions on the first three (again), so I have to go back to them.

In the evening, headed over to Buzzards Bay to meet a friend, and we drove to North Attleboro to attend the wake of another friend’s mother. Sad, and tough for her, but we wanted to make sure she knew she had our support.

Stopped at Mezza Luna on the way back for a quick snack. Headed home and fell into bed.

Up early this morning, and back on the Big Script Project, and then on to run some errands and get to work on PR for TRACKING MEDUSA.


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Mon. May 19, 2014: The Work Trudge

Monday, May 19, 2014
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Busy, busy. Busy day at the library on Friday. Home, glass of wine on the deck, cooked dinner, got to work on my final galleys for TRACKING MEDUSA. I have a lot of promo to catch up on for that, too, including web pages and FB pages, and all the rest.

Worked on revisions for the Big Script Project and on the next two episodes, one of which is due tomorrow and one on Thursday.

Comcast is still trying to be a bully and break the law, but what else is new?

Saturday morning, I was out the door early to run errands in Falmouth, and then over the bridge to Sagamore, where I met up with fellow Mermaid Ball Committee members and we headed up to Waverly Oaks in Plymouth, the site for this year’s event. It’s lovely — a really terrific space. It’s actually convenient to Rt. 3 — it’ll be more a case of breaching psychological distance and getting people on the road on a Friday night in the summer.

Came back, went back to work on everything. Started to read a mystery that was so disappointing that I put it down. Picked up another — ARSENIC AND OLD PAINT — that was wonderful fun.

Felt a little run down and under the weather, so went to bed early.

Up early Sunday, thanks to the cats. Managed to get most of the front lawn mowed (that was an adventure). But at least the front no longer looks like a vacant lot — although the back sure does. Also got the hoses hooked up, although I have yet to turn on the water.

The bulk of the day was spent finishing the TRACKING MEDUSA proofs. It makes me want to jump right back into BALTHAZAAR TREASURE, but first I have to get these script episodes done.

My friends Kate and Matt had their second child yesterday. Congrats to them!!!!


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Fri. May 16, 2014: Busy Times — But Good Busy!

Friday, May 16, 2014
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and muggy

The lilacs are in bloom. They are so pretty! I’ll post photos soon.

Yesterday morning was such chaos, I don’t even want to get into it. But the script episode went out, I made it to the Marine Life Center Board Meeting (late, but I got there), and found out I was elected Clerk. So now, I hold offices on two boards!

Dashed to work, even found the Marstons Mills Post Office on my way — which was in a completely different place than I expected! Too funny!

Busy day at the library — I ordered some cozy mysteries and some science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal to expand our collection, some new CDs, and I’ve got my eye on some graphic novels. I landed a speaker I really, really wanted for June (he wrote a book I think is terrific), and I was asked to present a workshop at the library in early June. I’m also working on my presentation (and the infamous Tip Sheets) next week at the Cape Cod Writers Center Writers Night Out on Writer’s Block.

Dashed to the store for a bunch of stuff I forgot when I did the Big Grocery Shop the day before, came home, had a glass of wine on the deck, cooked dinner, read something I wanted to read just for me, but collapsed into bed pretty early — I’d gotten up at 4 AM that day!

Up early this morning (darn cats). Tessa and I went out, I’m taking care of a few things, and then I’m headed back to the library for another busy day.

The weekend will be busy, too — tomorrow, some of us from the Mermaid Ball Committee are heading up to Plymouth to look at the venue, and then, in the afternoon, is the Preakness. Sunday, I will probably just collapse — although I have to mow!

I also have to finish revisions on the first two episodes, revise episode three and get the final galleys turned around for TRACKING MEDUSA — AND finish the next book I’m reviewing for my editor.

Maybe sleep somewhere in there, too?


Wed. May 14, 2014: A Day of Writing

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Full Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cooler

Worked flat out yesterday on the scripts. Ran into some obstacles with revisions on one episode, but got the episode that was due polished and out, and got some decent work done on the one due tomorrow.

Finished Ann Patchett’s THIS IS THE STORY OF A HAPPY MARRIAGE, which is excellent. Started the next book I have to review for my editor — it’s in present tense, so the writer already lost me. It’s also very impressed with itself.

And that was pretty much my day. Writing all day. Pretty decent day.

Today, I’m off for a full day at the library, and then some grocery shopping, then polishing the next episode. The Marine Life Center will be featured in a segment on CHRONICLE tonight, so if you watch it, please do!


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Tues. May 13, 2014: Edits and New Episodes

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Day before Full Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Busy day. The renter inspection (which the town does every year to make sure the landlords aren’t slumlords and the tenants aren’t letting too many friends and relatives live in unsafe conditions and all the smoke detectors/CO detectors are working) was supposed to happen yesterday, and the inspector never showed up and it was a frustrating morning. We got it sorted, and now he’s supposed to be here today. Once he actually shows up, it’s usually straightforward — we have a great landlord, and we’re doing what we should be). But it interrupts the day.

I still managed to get some work done on the Big Script Project and turn around my next round of edits on TRACKING MEDUSA, which was fun, although Track Changes was giving me fits, and it took longer than it should have. Also, I got about a third of the Series Bible done. I need that fully in place before I can go back to BALTHAZAAR. And then I have to finish the media kit and update a web page for this series and load in all the fun additions I have that go with the book.

Also managed to bake and frost a cake for the meeting.

Headed to NMLC for Mermaid Ball meeting, and then went over to a friend’s to chat and catch up. It was 11 PM by the time I got back, but driving under a full moon is always easier.

Up early this morning, out with Tessa for the first cup of coffee and meditation on the deck.

Today will be all about the Big Script Project, and finishing up some correspondence that needs to be dealt with. I also have to run out and get a copy of today’s CAPE COD TIMES — there’s supposed to be an article on Belmont, our baby seal in rehab!

Off we go.


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Mon. May 12, 2014: Reading, Writing, Contest Entries

Monday, May 12, 2014
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Busy weekend. Friday was a good day at the library, albeit a busy one. Got a bunch of reports done, some new books on the shelves, prepped for today’s board meeting, dealt with all the little issues that come up to help patrons.

After the day was over, I headed to a different library, where a colleague and I culled entries for the third contest I’m working on — making sure the payments and entries matched, and then making sure that they followed the submission guidelines. Not able to follow directions? Gone! This is the real world, people. If you’re so arrogant you think you’re too good for “guidelines”, guess what? You’re wrong.

Came home, cooked dinner, went back to work on contest entries for the second contest.

Up early Saturday morning. Did some work on the TRACKING MEDUSA edits and the next two Big Script Episodes. Two trips to the dump with recycling and yard waste.

By 10 AM, I was headed to Osterville LIbrary to hear Patry Francis speak about her new book THE ORPHANS OF RACE POINT (which I ordered for our library –and it’s on the shelf). We’ve been communicating on social media since THE LIAR’S DIARY came out, but this is the first chance we got to meet, and it was fun. My boss was also there, and we had a nice chat.

Came back, worked all day, mostly on contest entries.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, so we had a nice day, doing whatever Mom wanted. I also finished the contest entries, finished the write-ups, and sent them off.

Did a lot of work sitting outside on the deck — it was so lovely out.

I did some reading for myself, too: Donna Leon’s latest release, BY ITS COVER (which is set against a library, which makes me happy). She’s trying something very post-modern with her last few books, and, much as I hate to say it, it’s not working for me. She’s stopping just before the climax. We KNOW who did it, and what happens next, but it actually happens offstage and there’s no breath of resolution or how that particular case changed Brunetti. I’m struggling with it. I respect her choices, I understand closing the blind on a life still in progress, but I’m getting frustrated with these abrupt endings.

Also reading Ann Patchett’s book of essays, THIS IS THE STORY OF A HAPPY MARRIAGE. Love it. She spent some time at P-town’s Fine Arts Work Center. She talks about people who say they want to write and don’t, and says, “I believe, more than anything, that this grief of constantly having to face down our own inadequacies is what keeps people from being writers.” (p.30). She’s very generous, and, based, on my own experience, I heartily disagree. What I have seen, in workshop after workshop after workshop over the years, is that people don’t write out of a combination of laziness and lack of commitment. They like the idea of being a “writer”, but they don’t actually want to sit down, put in the work, or learn the craft, and I have no patience for that.

Patchett also talks about people who come up and tell you they have a great story that YOU (the writer) must write, and how she struggles to be polite to them. I’m done with being polite to these insulting asshats. If I’m feeling generous, my response is, “Here’s my agent’s number. If there’s a first contract offer and a check for ten thousand dollars on her desk by 10 AM tomorrow morning, we can START negotiations. Anything less than that, forget it.” When I’m not feeling generous, I say, “No, I don’t HAVE to write YOUR story. I’m busy working on my own.”

I’m done with these people who think writing is easy and they’d do it “if they had time”. It’s about more than time. It’s about work ethic and talent and commitment and craft. It is a specialized skill, in the way that brain surgery and plumbing are highly specialized skills, and the better we are at it, the easier it looks.

Disagreeing with her in these particular essays doesn’t make me love the book any less, and I certainly appreciate her generosity of spirit.

Today’s focus is all on the TRACKING MEDUSA edits, the next two episodes of the script, and revising the first two.

The inspector is coming for his yearly making-sure-we-renters-are-following the rules. Put in fresh batteries for the smoke detectors, even though I changed them all on the Equinox.

I have some new story ideas spinning, on which I jotted some notes, and there’s a Mermaid Ball meeting this evening in Buzzards Bay.

Back to work!