Fri. April 25, 2014: An Interesting Start to the Day . . .

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Friday, April 25, 2014
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Well, THAT was an interesting way to start the day. The door in the bathroom jammed — doorknob wouldn’t turn. Tried to climb out the window, but couldn’t get it up high enough to slip through. Had to call the landlord just after 6 AM, so he could come over and hand me tools through the window so I could get out the hinges and take off the door. It was either that, or call the fire department!

We don’t call the landlord often, but, when we do, it’s something unique.

Yesterday was a good day at the library — put in my first video order; enormous sense of accomplishment. Worked on setting up some programs — getting excited about that aspect of the job.

Left at 2, headed over the bridge to the Marine Life Center. Again, the volunteers had turned around the room for me, which was a big help. The wonky light worked. We had a troop of girl scouts. The show itself was challenging — lines getting jumped, and then, instead of moving forward, actors trying to go back and getting even more tangled. The understudy was there trying to learn the show, and I had the actors run lines with her after the show, and after I gave notes. The audience still loved it, though, and I have to remind myself that they don’t know the show, and, as long as we got through it in a believable way, it works. It’s set up to be full of interruptions and tangents, that’s the structure, so there’s more room than if every line set up every other line and had to be letter-perfect.

Came home to work on client projects and some contract negotiations. I’m having a lot of trouble with tendons in my right arm and hand — will have to set up an appointment with the acupuncturist.

Late to bed, up early, wanting a productive morning on client projects, but then was stuck in the bathroom. It was pretty funny, but I lost time I desperately needed to work. Will have to make up for it tonight, in and around starting the food prep for Sunday. I’ll also be baking for the library’s big event next week — but I’ll probably do that Monday or Tuesday.

I’m at the library again, then head straight for the show, then home to get as much work done tonight as I can, before working at the library tomorrow and the heading to the show, finishing up the food, and two shows on Sunday.

That king-sized bed in the hotel room during the conference looks better to me every minute.

Oh, yeah, and “Lake Justice” is set to release on Sunday. I’ll let you know as soon as I have a buy link.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Oh, Devon, so sorry you had to lose time locked in. I laughed when I read about it because I wrote a short story a few years ago with the same premise. Precocious three year old has to call the fire department because her mom is stuck in the bathroom with a broken door knob.

    • It was funny — there were so many ways it could NOT have been funny, so I consider myself lucky!

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